How to Throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

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It’s the question on everybody’s mind: How to plan a Super Bowl Party? Millions will be tuning in for the big game shortly – you’ll want to go equally big with your own bash. Not sure what to cook, what to prep, who to invite, or how to stage a shindig, however? Fear not: We’ve put together several helpful hints, tips, and pieces of advice on how to plan a Super Bowl Party Super Bowl that’ll rock their worlds, and help you stage the ultimate game in town.



Plan in Advance

To save yourself from running around like a scrambling QB, prep as much of the meal and decorations as you can the night before. This includes any sorts of Crock-Pot dishes (you know what a Crock-Pot is, right?), and stuff that can be refrigerated overnight to ensure that your game day festivities don’t get tackled by cooking penalties.

Cater to Everyone

Sadly, not everyone’s palette is as simple as “wings and chips.” So serving an array of foods — nothing too fancy — is a great way to welcome everybody to the party. Check out these vegan game day recipes to make all your guests feel like part of the team.

Invite ‘Em All

Personal foul if you were considering making your party one of those “guys only” affairs. The Super Bowl is a chance for everyone to get together. That includes colleagues, kids (ones you know, not just randoms off the street), and even those ladies who are crushing you in your Fantasy League.

Serve Smart Sides

Not “smart” like “self-aware cybernetic organism” smart. Smart like “hangover-curing” smart. Some ideas include coleslaw, which offers a two-point attack on the morning after. First, the fennel seeds are a natural detoxifier. Second, the cabbage itself is a natural diuretic, which means it will help you steer things towards a more positive conclusion the morning after.

Tidy Up

No one wants to find a dead roach or a dust bunny in their game day huddle. So spend enough time the night before making sure that your place falls somewhere between habitable and immaculate. We’re grown men, right? We should know how to operate a Swiffer. Speaking of which…

Recruit a Cleanup Crew

Now’s your chance, Coach. If you want to know how to plan a Super Bowl Party they won’t forget, consider asking for help. You were kind enough to host the game day festivities, now don’t be shy about asking your teammates to pitch in for just a little bit after the game is over. You don’t need a whole house scrub from top-to-bottom, but some garbage bagged and dishes washed can go a long way towards finishing up a game-winning victory.

Cheat Sheet

Need more plays to pull from? You can get more hints, tips, and advice on how to plan a Super Bowl Party here:

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