Desktops, Laptops, and PCs for Kids: What to Know

Seemingly overnight, technology has become as much a part of childhood as cartoons, camp, and playing outside. Already, it’s difficult to imagine a life without devices such as the iPad, which was first announced by Apple in early 2010. Connectivity and high-tech usage is quickly proliferating and evolving, and it’s being ingrained into children’s vernacular […]

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How To Plan a Trip to Dubai

How to plan a trip to Dubai – and why to visit? Glitzy skyscrapers, beautfiul beaches and megamalls for one, to name a few reasons. Setting is another: Dubai springs out of the desert like a futuristic city — one that’s been built up only within the last 40 years. It should be on your […]

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Best Date Night Ideas Under $20 in South Florida

Need some of the best date night ideas under $20 in Miami FL and South Florida? Your wish is our command: There are plenty of fun and affordable things to do in the area that won’t break the bank. For instance: You can take your date to Micro Theater in Miami to see a 15-minute […]

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