City Guide: 5 Amazing Asian Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA

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Determined to find the best Chinese food in Los Angeles and Asian cooking? You’ll find that the city offers an array of Asian cuisines ready for you to enjoy. Particularly strong when it comes to Thai food, sometimes the best spots in the city are the most out-of-the-way or tiniest. But whether you’re after noodles, Korean barbecue or sushi, it’s here for you in our shortlist of the best Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles to sit down and enjoy a taste of exotic climes.

Soot Bull Jeep

3136 West 8th St, (213) 387-3865

This is truly the real deal in Korean BBQ. The extremely gracious staff arrive with your choice of meats, raw and ready for you to chuck onto the smoldering grill. It’s hopping here, with good reason, and the bustle is part of the charm. Served with ultra-spicy kimchi, slivered daikon and pepper-tinged green salad, the must-have short ribs are exquisite. After you wash all the deliciousness down with a cold beer, step outside and take in the unique majesty that is K-Town. This is a favorite for foodies and tourists alike.

Thai Patio

5273 Hollywood Blvd, (323) 466-3894

Great prices, great food, beautiful hostesses, and on the weekend traditional Thai dancers entertain the diners. Outdoor seating and a festive nighttime atmosphere also make this a fun stop for dinner. The garlic pepper chicken is a standout, but then so is the rest of their menu. Save room for dessert, too, as there’s an amazing Thai bakery/sweets shop located in spitting distance as well. Breakfast and lunch are also good, but Thai Patio is best experienced after dark.

Ita Cho

7311 Beverly Blvd, (323) 938-9009

Call it Japanese tapas. Inside, Ita Cho is a pretty big space, and has become famous for its fried chicken, sashimi and eggplant miso. The sushi is very fresh, and you will want to return for more. Beyond the food, the atmosphere is casual, the service prompt, and after dinner you can bounce across the street to Milk for dessert.

Sanamluang Cafe

5170 Hollywood Blvd, (323) 660-8006

Don’t let the dumpy looks fool you (it’s in a strip mall), this is the place where where Thai Town eats. This is some of the best Thai food in town. It will always get you home safely and you’ll wake up feeling strangely rested, especially after you’ve sat and had the General’s Noodles and pork belly and fished for the bucks to pay for your meal, because they only take cash.

RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen

10250 Santa Monica Blvd, (310) 522-9988

RockSugar serves up the cuisines of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, all with some spectacular results. Choose from samosas, spicy Thai beef salad or Singapore Hainan Pork; or, double down on one of three curries and the Shaking Beef. There’s a lot more to enjoy here, of course, all delivered to you in pretty crazy interiors, while the food tries to avoid the now-cliched adjective “fusion,” although you will be the judge of that. If you have a weakness for seriously decadent sweets, you’ll likely fall for the place’s standout warm coconut doughnuts. There are also very good cocktails offered up here, and the mise en place on your table definitely will be artful.

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