Modern Parenting Guide: Privacy and Identity Theft

Perhaps the most valuable piece of currency on the Internet today is personal information. Just as in real life, it needs to be zealously guarded and protected from falling into the wrong hands, as we point out in Parenting High-Tech Kids: The Ultimate Internet, Web, and Online Safety Guide. Case in point: Scammers can use […]

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Modern Parenting Guide: What To Know About Sexting

Along with exponential improvements in communications and connectivity, the rise of cell phones has also unwittingly ushered in a great rise in sexting, the transmission of sexually explicit pictures or messages via cellphones, e-mail or social networking sites – especially via text or instant message. Although sexting has certainly gotten its share of media coverage, […]

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How to Keep Kids From Plagiarizing and Cheating on Homework

With the abundance of online content, it’s easy for kids to pick and choose snippets of information to use in blogs, essays, and assignments and claim it as their own. Sometimes, kids may not realize that they are doing something wrong by copying others’ work, and sometimes actions are intentional; regardless, the consequences are the […]

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Kids and Online Safety: In-App Purchases and Microtransactions

Did you know that customers spend tens of billions of dollars online just during the holiday season alone? That’s because it’s easier than ever to click and buy real-life items online, thanks to major search engines integrated shopping info into their results, apps which enable remote purchasing, and exploding interest in Internet retailers like iTunes,eBay, […]

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At What Age Should Kids Go Online?

For modern parents, it’s hard to know when kids should go online and at what age they can—and should—start engaging with various forms of technology. Although there are no exact answers, as every family, child, and situation differs, there are some basic guidelines that concerned parents can follow, as we point out in recent bestseller […]

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How to Create Strong Online Passwords

As the key to the proverbial kingdom with regards to protecting your family’s custom safety restrictions and personal information online, the importance of choosing strong passwords can’t be overstated. The damage done should they fall in the wrong hands can take weeks or even years to potentially repair, as we point out in Parenting High-Tech […]

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Online Safety for Kids: Tablet PCs and Mobile Devices Guide

Tablet PCs and mobile devices are hyper-intuitive and ever-popular breed of consumer electronics device that marries the best aspects of PCs and portable media players with smartphones’ versatile nature and connectivity. These slate-like tablets use a touchscreen interface to help kids surf the web, play games, email, download software and enjoy multimedia content. As we […]

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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online: Mobile Phones and Smartphones Guide

Once upon a time, many kids dreamed of getting their own landline – one they didn’t have to share with other family members, and where they’d worry about someone accidentally interrupting online transmissions by picking up the handset in the middle of them. Today, the decision to let your kids use a cell phone is […]

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How to Manage Baby Boomers in the Workplace

Want to learn more about members of the Baby Boomer generation – and how to successfully connect with and empower them in the workplace? It’s a topic we explore extensively in recent bestseller Millennial Marketing: Bridging the Generation Gap. To shed some deeper insight on the subject (including how to inspire and motivate these talented […]

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Parent Safety Guide: Kids and Phones, Texting

As we’ve noted in several articles and research reports, kids can now be reached almost anywhere thanks to mobile phones. Today’s portable devices offer a host of other connected options, but still retain the standard ability for kids to call each other and chat. There are even programs like Skype that can provide devices that […]

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