Stephanie Hartman

Music, movies, fine dining, travel, and brunching - these are just a few of Associate Editor Stephanie Hartman's favorite hobbies. You're as apt to catch her at a summer festival or sipping Manhattans as at the city's best spas - and taking notes to share with readers.

Email and Kids: What Parents Need to Know

Through any number of free e-mail programs such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and more, kids can communicate with others by exchanging messages, which contain text and ...

Stephanie Hartman - March 25, 2019

How To Set Online Rules For Kids

As a parent, it’s normal to wonder about how to set online rules for kids. Each family has their own set of rules regarding chores, bedtimes, curfews and other common ...

Stephanie Hartman - June 15, 2018

City Guide: Great Burgers and Pizza Places in Los Angeles

Good eats such as the best burgers and pizza abound in Los Angeles. The thing about them that you most crave (the fact that they are the perfect comfort food) has been ...

Stephanie Hartman - July 26, 2017

City Guide: Best Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Home to some of the top eateries in the nation, the best restaurants in Atlanta, GA rank among some of the best in the US as well. From gumbo to steak to the most upscale ...

Stephanie Hartman - July 25, 2017

City Guide: Best Bars in Tampa, FL

The best bars in Tampa, Florida won’t disappoint. Sports fans will never have trouble finding a spot to crash, while dive bar enthusiasts have nothing to complain about ...

Stephanie Hartman - June 11, 2017