Alexa Noel

Alexa Noel is a freelance writer who holds a BA in English and Journalism from the University at Albany. Her work has been featured in print and digital publications around the world, including the Points Guy, Harlem Bee, News Cult and The Reporter Ethiopia.

Allison Bethell

Allison Bethell is an avid traveler, just having visited her 7th continent. She's also passionate about real estate, business, nightlife and fashion and loves to share these interests. Shopping, culture, and outdoor activities are just a few favorites on her list of local attractions.

Alyssa Stahr

Alyssa Stahr is an award-winning writer and editor who travels the world in search of the next story, and thrives on editing and mentoring newer writers and freelancers from around the globe. She's been fortunate enough to receive the Lee Enterprises Award for Innovation, a Missouri Press Award for first place in content and a Corporate Express Employee Spotlight Award.

Aly Walansky

Aly Walansky is a lifestyles editor whose work is seen in dozens of publications weekly. Her interests include martinis, chilies, and her puppies - but maybe not in that order. Follow her on Instagram at @alywalansky

Andrew Moore-Crispin

Andrew is a frequent US and Canadian traveler who, as a Contributing Editor, makes it his mission to find the best curry laksa and other fine foods in the northern hemisphere. When he fails in that mission, he ends up at whatever greasy spoon or diner is open. Also in his travels, he doesn't use the hotel gym anywhere near as often as he says he's going to.

Andrew Tropeano

Andrew Tropeano, host of NewsWatch and special correspondent for SELECT, has over 10 years experience in journalism and is a broadcast media and entertainment media pro. He is passionate about technology, entertainment, travel, and consumer news.

Anthony Bartlett

Returning from Washington DC in 2003, Bartlett is a St. Louis native who founded St. Louis Transplants as a unique talent attraction and retention service. He has been featured in numerous media outlets including: St. Louis NPR affiliate KWMU, 9 Network Stay Tuned, St. Louis Business Journal, KTRS-550 AM, St. Louis Magazine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and KSDK-TV,

Ben Szanton

A Boston native, contributing editor Ben Szanton has embraced St. Louis but is still learning more about his new city by the day. A young entrepreneur and exercise enthusiast, he's always happy to share the new song he can't stop listening to or taco place he just discovered. He covers a wide range of St. Louis topics for SELECT.

Bjorn Larsson

Executive producer Bjorn Larsson is well-known for his work in games, film, media, and entertainment. A driving force behind breakout hits such as Flying Tigers and Pure Pinball, he has over 20 years of experience in content, creative, and advisory roles. Also: Rumor holds that he knows a thing or two about Europe.

Robert Lindsley

Senior Editor Robert Lindsley is a media industry veteran and DC diehard with years of experience covering consumer products, technology, and other cutting-edge fields. A passionate fan of fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife, he's also a noted beer and wine connoisseur who loves trading tips and advice with readers.

Branden Peters

Branden J. Peters byline has appeared in multiple outlets including, XXL, Playboy, Source, Complex, Vibe, Hoop, Slam, Bleacher Report and more. He is currently the top editor for, as well as the host of the critically acclaimed weekly Day 1 Radio podcast.


Brownie is part corgi, part chow, and the biggest party animal (literally) we know. Likes: Ride-alongs with our sales team, crossfit, and reality TV. (Read: Looking out the window.) Dislikes: Being tied to trees, going 30 seconds consecutively without being petted, our incessant bad jokes. Darcy says it’s “not us, it’s him” – being less than a year old, let’s hope it’s a phase he grows out of.

Carlos Mejia

A native New Yorker, Carlos knows a lot(!) about pro-wrestling and still foolishly supports the Mets. Now living in New England with his wife and daughter, Carlos has written for, ESPN, WWE, Men’s Journal, and Muscle & Fitness. When he’s not writing, Carlos is always looking for a new craft beer to drink.

Christina Elia

Assistant editor Christina Elia is currently pursuing her BA in Art History Communications at Fordham University, and writes about various topics ranging from arts and culture to practical tips and how-to advice. She has been published on online platforms such as The Odyssey. You can follow her on Twitter via @stinaelia

Chris Z

Senior writer Chris Z has been covering the nightlife and entertainment scenes for over 15 years. When not checking out the latest bars and restaurants, he is often found captivated by the latest gadget or other technology fads.

Ciara Corcoran

Assistant Editor Ciara is a DC native and East Coast roamer with degrees in both English Professional Writing and Drama & Theatre Studies from Elon University. She's written for a variety of publications including Highway 64, Travel Writing at Elon, and Odyssey. More of her work can be found at

Damon Brown

Damon helps entrepreneurs make their mark without sacrificing themselves. He co-founded the #1 app Cuddlr and led it to acquisition while being caretaker of his first baby. Damon is an Inc. columnist and author of the best-selling The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur series . Get your free productivity guide at

David Podgurski

David Podgurski has written about travel, books, fashion + entertainment for digital and print media. He’s hunted down vintage finds in crumbling attics, published poetry, worked for the New York MTA, and likes to haunt museums, cafés and shops. When he isn’t traveling or writing, he’s thinking about his next trip — and what to enjoy when he gets there.

Emily Ludolf

Emily Ludolf is a wordsmith who travels the world in search of new stories and adventures. After attaining a Masters OXON in English Literature and Language from the University of Oxford, she hiked Everest and the Great Wall, drank in Hemingway's favorite haunts, and spent time lounging by a five star infinity pool, overlooking pristine white sands. Her travels are as impressive as they are eclectic.

Erin Honey

Erin Honey is a word-cranking freelancer who tackles both solo and partner projects. She's written for a worldwide niche industry magazine, and also worked as an assistant editor. A local that's in the know about many towns such as St. Louis, she's excited to share her knowledge with readers.

Glenn Mandel

Publicist Glenn Mandel is a seasoned PR + media relations pro with over 25 years of experience leading major brand accounts. Career highlights include creating + leading award-winning communications campaigns across multiple accounts including Opera Solutions, LendingTree, Nintendo, JVC, Electronic Arts, Subway restaurants, Nielsen and more.


If it looks like a dog and smells like a dog, it's not Hashtag. A lady of refined tastes, she likes fine dining, outdoor travel, and Kibbles 'n Bits. A fixture at happy hours + nightlife events, she's our resident expert on steakhouses and social gatherings. Beast mode? She's all about it.

Jamie Steinberg

Jamie Steinberg is Managing Editor for Starry Constellation Magazine. She has worked as a journalist since 2003 conducting interviews and writing articles on topics that range from business to entertainment. She has also made several expert appearances on shows like HuffPostLive and TMZ.

Jarone Ashkenazi

Jarone Ashkenazi is a freelance writer who covers restaurants, bars, travel, dating, relationships, sports and other lifestyle topics. View more work at Connect with him on Twitter at @JaroneAsh

Jeanette Hurt

Jeanette Hurt is the award-winning writer and author of eight culinary and drink books, including The Cheeses of California: A Culinary Travel Guide, which received the 2010 Mark Twain Award for Best Travel Book, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wine and Food Pairing. She's written for, Four Seasons Magazine, Wine Enthusiast,, and dozens more publications.

Jeffrey Preis

Jeffrey is an NYC-based writer who recently completed his MFA program in Creative Writing at The New School. He has written for many publications, focusing mostly on lifestyle, travel, and food.

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has authored several biographies for young readers, including books on Stevie Wonder and Ursula K. Le Guin. He spent 10 years working for WWE, editing the company's magazine and helping the creative writing team as well. He's also a novelist, with his latest book hitting shelves this year!

Jessica Andrews

Whether it's dancing on the streets of Paris or swimming with the dolphins in the Dominican Republic, you can find assistant editor Jessica anywhere in the world at any given moment. While she is an avid traveler, she calls Washington, DC her home and spends most of her days there writing.

Jules Aron

4x best-selling author and freelance journalist Jules Aron enjoys a spirited exploration of food, spirits, wellness and travel trends. Her work has been featured in The New York Post, Buzzfeed, HuffPost, The Today Show, Liquor, Thirsty Mag, Well + Good and MindBodyGreen among other outlets.

Kris Lawton

Kris Lawton is a media and publishing industry pro whose career spans over two decades. As both publisher and editor, he’s covered a variety of cutting-edge industries from entertainment and gaming to fashion, housewares, and modern family life. As deputy editor of SELECT magazine, he’s a go-to source for insights on all things dining, entertainment, culture, and nightlife.

Lauren Paley

Freelance writer Lauren Paley is an avid writer and traveler. She has lived in Morocco, France, Tel Aviv and Prague, and has traveled to over 25 countries. Her interests include banh mi sandwiches, Boo the dog, trying (and failing) at languages, and outdoor movie theaters.

Lauren Harano

Lauren Harano is a sun-kissed Californian living in New York City. The Editorial and Marketing Assistant for VINAZINE, she's also written for Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines. In her free time, she enjoys finding the best Mexican restaurants in the city and reading in Central Park. Most importantly, she believes that every day is a good day to have a good day.

Lisa Steinberg

Lisa Steinberg is Editor-in-Chief for Starry Constellation Magazine. She established the online entertainment source in 2003, which features celebrity interviews, TV show recaps, movie reviews and much more. Additionally, she is a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post on all things entertainment.

Marc Saltzman

With over 20 years of industry experience, Marc Saltzman (@marc_saltzman) is one of the most recognized and trusted technology evangelists in North America. Marc is a freelance columnist for more than 40 publications (including a syndicated column with USA TODAY), a prolific (16-time) author, radio + television personality, public speaker, and host of “Gear Guide” on Cineplex movie screens nationwide.

Mario Kroll

German-born Mario R. Kroll runs UberStrategist, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based PR agency focused on entertainment. A lifelong globetrotter, Mario loves discovering great food, interesting drinks, finding that unique hole-in-the-wall, tattoos, and making an impromptu getaway on his motorcycle.

Matt Christensen

Matt Christensen is a freelance writer based in Cleveland, OH. Publications he's written for include Maxim, Men's Journal,, Cosmopolitan, and more. John Stamos follows him on Instagram.

Meg Parisi

Meghan Parisi is an accomplished freelance writer and the managing editor for a luxury design publication that covers homes in New York City, the Hamptons, San Francisco and Connecticut. Meghan enjoys traveling, exploring new restaurants and cities as often as possible. She is an avid cook and enjoys sharing her recipes on her blog: Whiskey + Aprons.

Michelle Ison

Special correspondent and entertainment reporter Michelle Ison is a producer, entertainment host, and co-host for NewsWatch TV and its podcast. Feel free to strike up a conversation with Michelle on Twitter @NewsWatchTV – her sassy personality won’t allow her to shy away from a good debate on anything entertainment or technology.

Misty McGlumphy

Misty McGlumphy is an experienced world traveler recently returned from a "real food" adventure in Israel and Palestine. While there, she not only saw attractions but also got to experience local cuisine-taking cooking classes and partaking in dinners in local homes. Her travels include Cuba, Botswana, and Myanmar, and she enjoys cooking and entertaining, and the DC food scene.

Nancy Oakley

Nancy Oakley cut her teeth as a travel editor and writer for in-flight magazines, including Delta Sky and US Airways Magazine. She currently explores the world as senior editor of a local arts-and-culture monthly and its sister publication, a home-and-garden quarterly.

Nick Gambino

Associate Editor Nick Gambino is originally from New York City. With a strong background in the entertainment and tech fields, he writes engaging reviews and think pieces for numerous websites and online publications. A life-long movie fiend, he hosts popular movie-centric show Get 2 the Podcast - check it out at

Nick Renley

A consummate foodie and sneaker fiend, Nik writes about dining, fashion, entertainment, music, and more. When not busy attending the latest men's clothing and sports events, he can found researching the best beach spots.

Patricia DeLuca

Managing Editor Patricia DeLuca is a seasoned print and digital editor who has covered topics ranging from luxury cars to wrestlers, tattoo artists to electronic music. Last year, she launched Strutter, a website covering news in plus-size industry. You can check it out at

Peter Suciu

Peter Suciu is a freelance reporter who has been covering gadgets, gizmos, consumer products, and everything else in the tech and gear alphabet from AR to Wi-Fi, Blu-ray to Bluetooth, 3D to 4G, HDTV to HTML and more for the past two decades.

Regina Bresler

Regina Bresler is a native Brooklynite who spends her days running feral through the internet, and her nights talking to strangers. She's covered entertainment + culture for Cosmopolitan, Death & Taxes, Heeb, and Flavorpill. Sneak a peek into her inner monologue via Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter: CloudsAndCandy

TT Rendetti

Keenly-attuned to fashion, travel, and nightlife trends, associate editor T.T.’s encyclopedic knowledge of bars and restaurants remains unrivaled – and her word is gospel when it comes to Sunday brunch. Our resident trivia night expert and staff humorist, she’s only been banned from one karaoke joint (that we know about). Also: Dog is her co-pilot.


Rocky has the soul of a poet and the heart of a feral wolf. The World’s Most Wanted Dog™, his origins remain shrouded in mystery: Some say he spent his formative years training with Shaolin monks, others as a former roadie for Van Halen. Either way, tour managers Carla and Lissette won’t let him off the leash without a tray of Milk Bones waiting in the green room. We appreciate a man of his tastes.

Ryan Polhemus

Ryan Polhemus is a freelance writer based in Boston. When he's not scribbling about (or sampling) the local food and drink scene, he can likely be found on a cheap flight to a strange destination, where he will scribble about and sample somebody else's local food and drink scene.

Scott Alexander

Executive Editor Scott Alexander has been writing and editing for over two decades at publications from Playboy to Popular Science. A seasoned publishing industry vet, he works up and down the East Coast and plays wherever they'll have him.

Sean Malcolm

A "Jack of all trades, master to none," Contributing Editor Sean A. Malcolm's byline has been seen in various publications, sites and TV programs such as The Players' Tribune, Ebony, Vibe, Global Grind, The Source, RIDES, SLAM, XXL Magazine, and King Magazine—where he served as Editor-In-Chief. His writing has also been published in the book The Best Music Writing 2007.

Stephanie Hartman

Music, movies, fine dining, travel, and brunching - these are just a few of Associate Editor Stephanie Hartman's favorite hobbies. You're as apt to catch her at a summer festival or sipping Manhattans as at the city's best spas - and taking notes to share with readers.

Suzanne Ciechalski

Suzanne is a journalist in Queens, New York. She’s interned at Rolling Stone, NBC local media, Mashable and the Queens Chronicle. Though she’s from upstate New York, she considers herself a Queens girl. If she’s not writing or editing, she’s probably scrolling through goat Instagrams.

Tamara Lacey

Food, nightlife, and entertainment expert Tamara Lacey travels the world in search of adventure, excitement, and the next big scoop. Whether relaxing at the spa or dancing the night away at the club, it's her job to report on the hottest new happenings in town.

Tim Stanton

Contributing Editor Tim Stanton is a longtime veteran of the nightlife and entertainment scene who covers bars, restaurants, travel, technology, and other topics. A noted high-enthusiast and foodie, he's our resident go-to guy for inside tips on your city's most promising options.

Victoria Cairl

Victoria Cairl writes about women and work. She's is the VP of Business Development at, having previously worked at Lincoln Center, The Met Museum and Disney Theatrical. She is a mentor, feminist and an entrepreneur based in New York City.

Elizabeth Z

Elizabeth Z. is Family + Lifestyles Editor for SELECT, a seasoned video host, and - according to lay observers - a 23 year-old trapped in a smaller person's body. Our resident expert on all things kid-friendly, her musings on entertainment, events, travel, toys, modern lifestyles and more have appeared in numerous outlets from The Huffington Post to Parade.