CHEAT SHEET: Hottest Summer Fashion Trends

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Hottest fashion trends of summer 2017, 2018, or no, it never fails: Every year around this season, we collectively stare into our closets looking for the right thing to wear. And let’s be frank: From an average Joe or Jane’s standpoint, most of us don’t know what trends to follow come June beyond the white-after-Memorial Day rule of thumb. There are so many questions after all: How groundbreaking are floral prints really? Are mules the new espadrilles? Can a t-shirt go with everything? Is there a way to wear ruffles without it looking like Seinfeld’s Puffy Shirt? Luckily, the experts hold the answers: To help you enjoy a successful season from a sartorial standpoint, we gathered the best and on-trend fashion recommendations for you, including the pros’ picks for the top fashion trends of summer 2017. Take these outfits out for a test drive, and you may be surprised at just how quickly you can transform your look – and slide into some of the hottest looks currently hitting streets nationwide. 

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