Modern Parenting Guide: Privacy and Identity Theft

Perhaps the most valuable piece of currency on the Internet today is personal information. Just as in real life, it needs to be zealously guarded and protected from falling into the wrong hands, as we point out in Parenting High-Tech Kids: The Ultimate Internet, Web, and Online Safety Guide. Case in point: Scammers can use […]

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Modern Parenting Guide: What To Know About Sexting

Along with exponential improvements in communications and connectivity, the rise of cell phones has also unwittingly ushered in a great rise in sexting, the transmission of sexually explicit pictures or messages via cellphones, e-mail or social networking sites – especially via text or instant message. Although sexting has certainly gotten its share of media coverage, […]

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Video Services and Netflix: What Parents Need to Know

Kids these days want to watch what they want when they want it – largely because virtually everything is now available on-demand. Case in point: Even if they don’t tape a TV program to your digital video recorder (DVR), they can still use the television, computer, tablet PC, video game console or smartphone to purchase, […]

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Digital and Streaming Music: What Parents Should Know

Listening to music is one of the most frequent activities that kids engage in online, as we note in Parenting High-Tech Kids: The Ultimate Internet, Web, and Online Safety Guide. After watching TV, downloading and listening to music is easily the second most popular leisure activity that 8 to 18 year olds engage in, according […]

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5 Ways Car Owners Can Save Money Now

Next to your home, your car is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your life. And the problem is, there’s no getting around associated expenses. Unless you’re somehow fortunate enough to live within walking distance of everything you need to do and everyone you need to see, chances are you’ve got […]

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TV and Kids: What Parents Need to Know

You may not realize it, but today’s growingly powerful HDTVs, Ultra HD TVs, 3D TVs and so-called Smart TVs (read: Internet-connected sets) can also provide kids with extensive ways to connect online. And as every parent knows, more connectivity means more safety concerns, as discussed in our recent bestselling book Parenting High-Tech Kids: The Ultimate […]

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Best Budget Vacations: 10 Must-See Places to Travel

Who says traveling has to cost an arm and a leg? As the best budget vacations remind us, you can enjoy plenty of must-see places to visit, and things to do, without blowing your household budget. Hunting for a quick weekend getaway, holiday vacation, or a lengthier escape? Head to these top spots – some […]

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America’s Best-Kept Secrets: 10 Must-Do Vacation Trips

The worst part of vacation is often the other vacationers. Crowded beaches, long lines, and noisy restaurants plague the country’s trendiest destinations. But every region of the country has that hidden-gem spot where the locals go to escape and unwind. They may take a little more legwork to get to, but once you arrive you’ll […]

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Internet Safety for Teens and Tweens: What to Know

As parents actively adopt or introduce new technologies and work to prepare kids to “go online,” it becomes clear that these two seemingly simple and innocuous words can, in actuality, have varied and powerful meanings. Just what precisely does it mean to “go online” or to have your kids connect to the Internet? As explained […]

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Best Rock Clubs and Concert Halls in New Orleans

NOLA is known for its killer music scene—after all, it is the birthplace of jazz. But even if it’s not your preferred musical genre, as the best rock clubs and concert halls in New Orleans underscore, there are plenty of places in the city where you can hang out and enjoy top-notch tunes by awesome […]

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