Video Services and Netflix: What Parents Need to Know

Kids these days want to watch what they want when they want it – largely because virtually everything is now available on-demand. Case in point: Even if they don’t tape a TV program to your digital video recorder (DVR), they can still use the television, computer, tablet PC, video game console or smartphone to purchase, […]

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Digital and Streaming Music: What Parents Should Know

Listening to music is one of the most frequent activities that kids engage in online, as we note in Parenting High-Tech Kids: The Ultimate Internet, Web, and Online Safety Guide. After watching TV, downloading and listening to music is easily the second most popular leisure activity that 8 to 18 year olds engage in, according […]

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TV and Kids: What Parents Need to Know

You may not realize it, but today’s growingly powerful HDTVs, Ultra HD TVs, 3D TVs and so-called Smart TVs (read: Internet-connected sets) can also provide kids with extensive ways to connect online. And as every parent knows, more connectivity means more safety concerns, as discussed in our recent bestselling book Parenting High-Tech Kids: The Ultimate […]

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Internet Safety for Teens and Tweens: What to Know

As parents actively adopt or introduce new technologies and work to prepare kids to “go online,” it becomes clear that these two seemingly simple and innocuous words can, in actuality, have varied and powerful meanings. Just what precisely does it mean to “go online” or to have your kids connect to the Internet? As explained […]

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Best Rock Clubs and Concert Halls in New Orleans

NOLA is known for its killer music scene—after all, it is the birthplace of jazz. But even if it’s not your preferred musical genre, as the best rock clubs and concert halls in New Orleans underscore, there are plenty of places in the city where you can hang out and enjoy top-notch tunes by awesome […]

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Email and Kids: What Parents Need to Know

Through any number of free e-mail programs such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and more, kids can communicate with others by exchanging messages, which contain text and photos, as well as video and file attachments. This begs the questions: should you even give your kid an e-mail address? And at what age? And with what […]

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What Parents Need to Know About Web Browsing

As discussed in our recent book Parenting High-Tech Kids: The Ultimate Internet, Web, and Online Safety Guide, it’s important that parents understand kids’ use of the Web, and how to manage children’s use of connected devices. After all, the ability to access web pages through browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and […]

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Modern Parenting Guide to Online Safety: eReaders

The line between eReaders and tablet computer is beginning to blur, as we realized while researching bestselling book Parenting High-Tech Kids: The Ultimate Internet, Web, and Online Safety Guide. But despite the fuzzy definition, a true eReader is designed primarily as a device for reading eBooks. Many new models tack on extra features though, such […]

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How to Throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

It’s the question on everybody’s mind: How to plan a Super Bowl Party? Millions will be tuning in for the big game shortly – you’ll want to go equally big with your own bash. Not sure what to cook, what to prep, who to invite, or how to stage a shindig, however? Fear not: We’ve […]

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How to Tell if You’re Dating the Wrong Person

No two relationships are alike, but it pays to have some idea of how to tell if you’re dating the wrong person (for obvious reasons). Sometimes, even the most seemingly blissfully matched duo goes through a rough patch. But even the most romantically-inclined of us have to admit that there comes a time to take […]

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