All Aboard: The World’s Best Cruise Lines, Ships, and Vacations

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You may not have traveled the world or sailed the seven seas just yet, but it’s easy to find excuses to break out your swim trunks and tick exotic destinations off your list when you’ve got the world’s best cruise lines in your corner. As veteran voyagers can attest, different providers and ships offer vastly different amenities and vacation packages, but the good news is as follows – whatever your budget, or preferred locale, you’ll have no trouble find great options. From Carnival to Royal Caribbean, and Disney to Norwegian, there’s no shortage of choices that await when you’re ready to plan the perfect cruise vacation – simply read on to discover several of the world’s best cruise lines, and how to set sail for adventure in the near future.

Name Regions Description
Royal Caribbean International Alaska, Asia, Australia, Europe, US, and Caribbean Royal Caribbean offers one of the biggest fleets in the business, which means you can enjoy cost-affordable prices and your pick of destinations. You’ll find plenty to do on board its fleet of vessels for passengers of all ages to do and an attentive staff who’ll help make you feel welcome on your voyages.
Disney Cruise Line Caribbean, Norway, British Isles, Mexico, Northern Europe, Mediterranean Disney’s cruise line is as family-friendly as sailing the high seas gets, offering character visits, themed play areas, and boundless ways to keep kids entertained. Families traveling on Caribbean cruises get to make a stop at the famed private island – Castaway Cay – where on-land leisure awaits as well.
Princess Cruises Alaska, Japan, South America & Antarctica, Mexico, California Ships in Princess Cruises’ fleet offer more suites than typical vessels, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed or lavish stay onboard. Offerings specifically designed for couples are also available if you’d like to enjoy romantic dinners and movies under the stars.
Viking Ocean Cruises Scandinavia, Asia & Australia, Africa, Mediterranean Viking Ocean Cruises offers journeys all around the globe, but Norwegian cruises are a house specialty. Each of the line’s ships offers a Nordic-inspired spa and plenty of excursions if you need break from sailing the seas. An excellent fit for those looking for a break from the daily grind and/or family life, do be aware that ships require passengers to be at least 16 years old.
Carnival Cruise Line Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico. Canada Carnival is one of the world’s most successful and acclaimed cruise lines and offers all kinds of global excursions at cost-conscious prices, so you can enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation on a budget. Providing family-friendly voyages (though spaces are also designated specifically for adults), your entire clan is welcome aboard.
Norwegian Cruise Line Alaska, Asia, South America, Europe, Mexican Riviera, Caribbean Many are drawn to Norwegian because of its hands-off approach to dining, meaning you can eat where you want, when you want. You’ll find voyages that set sail to a variety of global destinations, but Scandinavian voyages full of fjords are among the best-known options on offer.
Cunard Line Africa, Australia, Scandinavia, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Europe Offering luxury cruise options aplenty, Cunard’s offerings should prove a good fit for those seeking the finer things in life. Aside from typical amenities, you’ll also enjoy cultural experience aboard most vessels that you won’t find on other ships (choose the boat QM2 to enjoy a truly memorable experience).
Celebrity Cruises Australia, Alaska, Galapagos, Dubai, Caribbean, Asia This sleek fleet caters to grown-up crowds with wine bars and romantic dinners. Caribbean voyages represent some of the best deals it has on offer, but the company’s reach is virtually worldwide, with numerous destinations available to visit.
Holland America Line Australia, Pacific Coast, Alaska, Caribbean, South America Holland America emphasizes casual elegance over thrill-seeking. You’ll find art collections on its ships, fine dining aplenty, and fitness classes that don’t require you to be a triathlon winner to enjoy.
MSC Cruises Mediterranean, Caribbean, Europe, South Africa MSC’s focus is on European cruises, but you may find that flying to a foreign port could pay off once you get a look at featured rates. Sail with the provider to enjoy classic luxury on all vessels, with MSC Splendida the go-to boat to hail if you’re looking to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime voyage.



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