10 Best New Beers to Try

What are some of the best new beers to try? Glad you asked. No matter if you’re talking about a daily drinker, or maybe that lager you always order at the bar, everyone has their go-to quaff. Just to mix things up though, to get a different flavor, whether it’s a domestic beer or a […]

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Protecting Your Kids from X-Rated Content

With nearly a billion websites out there to browse and land on, it’s no surprise that there are quite a few dedicated to dubious, questionable and even unsavory agendas. And – as we note in our bestselling book Parenting High-Tech Kids: The Ultimate Internet, Web, and Online Safety Guide – even with parental controls and […]

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When Should Teens Start Using Social Media?

Given the presence of iPhones and laptops galore, parents often want to know when they should let their teens start using social networks or other connected tools. It’s hard to know when teens, ages 13-17, should start doing anything online, let alone using these sometimes confusing and vast technologies, as we note in Parenting High-Tech […]

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