10 Best Bars for Millennials in DC

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Where can you find the best bars for Millennials in Washington DC? Easy – all over the town, and in every neighborhood. Those born between the early ’80s and early aughts (2000s) will find a host of great options here that cater to every age group, including Gen Y, and every possible budget and interest. Looking to mix and mingle? Shoot some pool? Rock out? Kick loose in a neon-tinged nightclub? It’s all here. We’ve put together a list of 10 of the best bars for Millennials in the Washington DC that you’re sure to enjoy.






1319 Connecticut Ave NW

If you find yourself in the upside-down room, don’t worry. You’re not in an episode of Stranger Things, but at the Madhatter. Channeling the hallucinogen-fueled world of Alice in Wonderland, this popular bar includes not only great pub food and liquor, but a dance floor that sees a ton of action.       

El Rey

919 U St NW

Head out to this U street haunt and order a margarita pitcher for you and your friends (or just you, if you’re brave enough). But if you want something a bit different to order, The Iceberg, which combines draft beer with a frozen margarita float, is yummy.

Buffalo Billiards

1330 19th St NW

A particularly crowded spot during popular playoffs (March Madness, World Series, etc.), Buffalo Billiards is so much more than a bar. It’s like an amped-up pool hall. Open a tab at the bar and take up residence at a table for the night. If breaking solids and stripes isn’t your thing, then take your pick of games including skee-ball, darts, ping-pong, and shuffleboard.


2233 Wisconsin Ave NW

With its “eat, drink, play” motto, this ’70s-style billiards bar caters to the college crowd. Breadsoda is a chill hangout where you can choose from over 50 beers (one of the reasons it makes our list of the 10 best bars for Millennials in Washington DC). Drink and play games here with little chance of some frat guy spilling your drink by rushing the bar.

Bourbon Steak DC

2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Cocktails are a fine art at Bourbon Steak. The bartenders will craft some of the most delicious and original drinks that will touch your lips. Located inside the Georgetown Four Seasons, the crowd is more on the upscale side so make sure to look sharp when you stop by for drinks.   

2 Birds 1 Stone

1800 14th St NW

There’s an ever-changing cocktail menu at 2 Birds 1 Stone. Each week sees something new from the genius mind of Adam Bernbach. The hand-drawn menu lends itself to his inspired twists on drinks, taking advantage of ingredients you may never have envisioned in your alcoholic beverage. Carrot, coconut, curry, homemade ginger soda — nothing is off-limits.         

Nellie’s Sports Bar

900 U St NW

DC residents know that U St is hopping on Friday and Saturday nights. Nellie’s Sports Bar scoops up a healthy portion of that action. Drinks are on point and affordable but you’ll want to visit for the games, karaoke, poker or whatever other themed nights this popular spot is hosting throughout the week.   

Barmini by Jose Andres

501 9th St NW

Brightly lit and crackling with calming energy, Barmini is unlike anything else you’ll find in the DMV. Furnished in white with unique furniture (cactus couch anyone?), you’re drawn to the bar where modern-day alchemists use molecular gastronomy to forge drinks. It’s not unusual for smoke to billow out of your glass or for the liquid to change color before your eyes. 

Dacha Beer Garden

1600 7th St NW

This outdoor German beer garden provides the perfect setting for much-needed end-of-the-week decompression. Drink out of their signature glass boot and play a game of “who can drink to the heel the fastest.” The mural of Elizabeth Taylor lording over you is sporting a face of encouragement, not judgment.          

Petworth Citizen & Reading Room

829 Upshur St NW

Care for some alcohol with your literature? Petworth is known for its creative approach to cocktails that are equal parts delicious and inspired. Every weekend sees a new cocktail inspired by classic literature or its author. Order up a drink and pull up a seat in the library for a seemingly oxymoronic activity of reading and drinking. The ambience is chill so plan for a mellow evening.


There are lots of hangouts in the DMV. Read on to know where to go if you’re looking for the 10 best bars for Millennials in Washington DC:

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