Branden Peters

Branden J. Peters byline has appeared in multiple outlets including, XXL, Playboy, Source, Complex, Vibe, Hoop, Slam, Bleacher Report and more. He is currently the top editor for, as well as the host of the critically acclaimed weekly Day 1 Radio podcast.

Car Rental Hints + Tips: How to Get the Best Deal

Car rental hints and tips, and ways to save money on rides, are important to keep in mind, as rental rates are about as predictable as the weather these days. Rental prices ...

Branden Peters - April 26, 2019

10 Dating Tips From Pick-Up Artists

The term pick-up artist, or PUA for short, automatically conjures a mixed bag of extreme emotions. If you can ignore the bright colors and excessive hair gel, many of these ...

Branden Peters - April 16, 2019