Travel Guide: Best Places to Visit in Croatia

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The best places to visit in Croatia and things to do in the area are breathtakingly gorgeous. And the country is becoming more and more popular as a vacation spot. It has miles of coastline that attract sunbathers and partiers alike. Besides the sun and sand, there is plenty of history to absorb. You can explore different Roman ruins and walk along medieval city walls. This country may be small, but that means there’s more for you to find without having to go as far. You’ll likely land in Zagreb, but don’t forget to also pay visits to Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar. But these are only a few of the best places to visit in Croatia – read on to find out more about the top things to do at this scenic destination.




Pula Arena

Flavijevska ul., 52100, Pula

This is one of the most well-preserved Roman amphitheaters in Europe. All four side towers are still standing giving you one of the most realistic views into what Rome would have looked like. In addition, this architectural phenomenon overlooks a bay for exquisite views.

Cathedral of St. Domnius

Ul. Kraj Svetog Duje 5, 21000, Split

It’s the longest standing Catholic cathedral, was formed out of a Roman mausoleum, and has been in use since about the seventh century. Both its expansive history and remarkable architecture make this site a must-see.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

HR 53231 Plitvička jezera

Catch your breath before this park takes it away. These crystal-clear lakes, flowing waterfalls, and babbling streams will render you speechless with its grandeur — they are some of the best places to visit in Croatia. Trails wind through the lakes, and if you’re in the mood for a hike, you can see all 16 of them.

Diocletian’s Palace

Dioklecijanova ul. 1, 21000, Split

If you’re in Split, there’s no way to miss Diocletian’s Palace as it spans about half of the town. This Roman ruin was home to emperor Diocletian. As you’re strolling through his retirement home, one can’t help but feel envious of his sweet digs.


This resort town is on its own island, offering the perfect recluse to relax, restore, and … party. In addition to its beaches, Hvar has a thriving nightlife scene. It’s best in the summer when the days are long and hot, and the vacationers are looking for a good time.

Museum of Broken Relationships

Ćirilometodska ul. 2, 10000, Zagreb

Don’t even think of texting your ex here. This museum will give you more feels than the typical art gallery or history museum. Walking through the halls, you’ll see relics from relationships that didn’t work out, some funny, others heartbreaking.


Lokrum, Dubrovnik

You can access this island from Dubrovnik. It’s a perfect day trip for sea kayaking or snorkeling. There are a small number of shops and restaurants. One of the most charming things are the peacocks and bunnies that roam the island as you go about your activities.

Krka National Park


The mouth of the Krka River is yours to visit at Krka National Park. This area is so untouched that you’ll feel like you’re on your own jungle adventure. Besides the river, seven waterfalls and countless natural wonders await you here.


Ul. od Tabakarije 29, 20000, Dubrovnik

This fort is also known as St. Lawrence Fortress or Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar. It’s a historic site perched on a seaside cliff. It used to have a purpose of defending Dubrovnik from seaside attacks, but now it’s open to the public to explore.

Walls of Dubrovnik

Poljana Paska Miličevića, 20000, Dubrovnik

The city walls go hand-in-hand with Lovrijenac, in the sense that they used to serve as the city’s protection. The ancient walls have stood the test of time and still stand seaside by the city. The city also have gates that used to protect it as well. Walk around the walls, visit the gates, explore the forts– there’s plenty to discover.

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