How to Land Your Dream Job

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How can you land your dream job? Finding the perfect career opportunity can be elusive, even for the most strong-willed and focused. But while some of it inevitably comes down to luck and timing, there are still many factors that you’re in control of when it comes to charting your own career path. Here are some steps you can take to help steer yourself in the right direction when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind, or the makeshift cover letter factory you’ve set up in your living room. Simply read on to learn how to land your dream job, and make your career aspirations happen.

Job Hopping – Long gone are the days of retiring with a gold watch from a company you’ve worked decades at. Job hopping is often viewed as a positive activity, if done correctly. Switching things up can help you gain a variety of different experiences and skill sets, and when done with a bit of deliberate intent, actually strengthens your resume. Think in terms of switching up job titles, while still expanding on knowledge in specific fields.

Never Stop Learning – Keep taking classes, watching tutorials, and trying new things on your own time. Technology is a constantly evolving animal, and employers are always looking for people with a broad range of understanding. Learn to code, use the trendiest social platforms, and expand skill sets like editing, podcasting, SEO analytics, or whatever talents your preferred field focuses on. Proven working knowledge in different areas makes any candidate more appealing.

Figure out Your Referral Path – It’s no secret that online job boards, while helpful, are congested with competition, and often are a dead end. Many companies hire off of direct referrals and through recruiters, so it’s best to figure out where you want to land and then figure out what jobs are open. Tap your network, do some digging, and reach out to people within the company with inquiries. Just be mindful of your approach, as cold-calling a CEO is generally frowned upon.

Actively Network – Networking is crucial to charting your path toward a dream job. As mentioned before, a direct referral tends to be a golden ticket for landing an interview, so get out there and press some palms, be it in real life or in the digital realm. Join private groups in your social apps (Facebook and LinkedIn), go to networking events, and reach out to people in the companies you’re most interested in for informational interviews.

Make Ongoing Progress – Career paths are long and winding, which is why we are exploring how to land the job of your dreams. While a published piece, celebrity repost, or gone-viral episode of your podcast may seem like a tiny step, it is still a step in the right direction. As is every interview, email response, and successful sale. Appreciate the small victories, and keep putting in the work, as every effort is cumulative.

Be Flexible – Given the speed at which technology is evolving, job descriptions and client needs are shifting just as rapidly. “Comfort with ambiguity” is said to be among the most sought-after qualities in a  job candidates, for this very reason. Don’t be too stiff in your expectations or in your own perceptions of your capabilities. You may catch on quick to a skill set you never expected to master.

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