How to Plan the Ultimate Camping Trip

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Unless you’re a pro, learning how to plan a camping trip can seem like a rather daunting task. Whether it’s a days-long getaway, or simply for the weekend, there’s a lot that goes into putting one together — and we know it can seem overwhelming at first. But here’s the good news: Camping is one of the most fun ways to get away and enjoy some quality time with friends or significant others today, and a trip doesn’t have to be hard to plan if you follow a few simple guidelines. We’ve put together several hints and tips that can help you find out for yourself how to plan a camping trip to remember.

Figure Out Where You’re Going, And Book A Spot – This step is arguably the most important of all, because if you’re going on a camping trip, you need to decide where you want to go, pick out a campsite, and make a reservation. There are tons of campsites around the country to choose from, and luckily, there are websites like The Dyrt and Campsite Photos that let you search for and review different campgrounds. Figure out what types of amenities you’re looking for, such as showers and waterparks, and what surrounds the area. Then, put a plan into action and get a reservation set.

Make A Packing List – When you’re prepping to trek out into the great outdoors for a camping trip, packing the essentials is crucial. If you’re using a tent, make sure you have one packed that’s the appropriate size, and that you have a tarp to lay out underneath. The Spruce has a great packing list that includes sleeping bags, first aid kits, flashlights, waterproof supplies and a cooler.

Figure Out the Food Situation – Packing enough food is also equally important, and so is packing appropriate cooking utensils. Some essentials are ice packs and bags of ice, as well as two coolers: One for drinks and one for food. Water is especially important, and so are some tools, especially knives. Figuring out the cooking situation at the campground is important, too, e.g. what kind of grills may be available to cook on. Don’t forget to bring snacks either! Everyone loves a good s’more during a camping trip.

Make Some Plans for When You Actually Get There – This is obviously dependent on what kinds of amenities exist at your campground, and where you’re camping. How to plan the ultimate camping trip is also all about how to plan a fun hiking trip with your family, or it could be about how to spend the day swimming if there’s a lake nearby. Some spots may even offer amenities like pools, or game rooms. If you’re going to do some family-oriented activities such as hiking, it’s important to map out a plan and figure out what kind of things you’ll need to carry along the way.

Figure Out Who’s in Charge of What – Just as chores are important at home, they’re also important on a camping trip. Assign tasks to everyone, whether it be cooking, keeping the outside of the campsite clean, or making sure the inside of the tent is organized. Also, make sure that you know who’s doing what when you arrive, and when you leave. Splitting up the setup and breakdown of your campsite will make for a much smoother trip.

Cheat Sheets

Novices and pros alike can use some camping tips. Learn more about how to plan the ultimate camping trip here:

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