How to Build an Amazing Online Dating Profile

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How can you create an online dating profile that’s irresistible to potential dates? Building the perfect presentation isn’t as hard as it seems. While it can sometimes feel awkward to create an elevator pitch that best describes you, and pick the photos and images that best represent your personality in 30 seconds or less, fear not. You can greatly improve your chances of making a connection just by following a few simple hints and tips. Here are a few suggestions that can help you create an online dating profile to remember, and quickly capture the heart of prospective crushes.

  • Create a Solid Screen Name – While some dating apps and websites just use your first name and call it a day, on those that ask you to choose your own screen name, keep in mind that it needs to both be respectful and instantly stand out. So while MILFHunter99 might seem hilarious, it’s probably not the first impression you’re trying to give if you’re looking for a serious mate… or anyone with a sense of humor that has developed since junior high. Chose something that offers hints on your interests and personality, but don’t go overboard.
  • Show, Don’t Tell – When writing and building your online dating profile, try and avoid making a laundry list of interests, or adjectives describing yourself. Instead, let people know a little about yourself, what you consider a good time, and what a date with you might be like – as well as possible ideas for date nights you can go on. Descriptions shouldn’t be more than a couple sentences in the case of online apps, or couple paragraphs for long-form bios: Offer an overview of who you are, what you like, and what makes you unique.
  • Ask Friends for Insights – Don’t be embarrassed to get their input, as most people have used a dating app or website at some point. Ask a friend to take a look at your profile, or help you choose your photos. If it’s been awhile since you’ve dated, you might feel a bit out of your element and unsure of how to proceed. Your friends know your best traits and can help give you and your profile the boost it needs, as well as objective advices on what’s working and what isn’t (hello, duck-faced bathroom selfies).
  • Avoid Clichés – Do you like pizza? Having a good time with friends? Sarcastic humor? News flash: So does everyone else. Tell the world something about yourself that doesn’t sound like “water is wet.”
  • Choose Recent Photos – Your profile should reflect the actual person that is going to show up to the date, not serve as a trip through the WayBack Machine. Keep photos of yourself current, e.g. no older than 3-6 months. If your date knows what to expect, you’re less likely to have an awkward conversation about catfishing when someone shows up looking nothing like their profile pictures.
  • Focus on You – Don’t clutter your profile photos with group shots that make it difficult to get a good up-close look at you, or determine which one of the group you are. You’re looking for a date, not someone to join your softball team. A group pic or two might help show off your more social side, but keep the focus on yourself as an individual, otherwise it’s hard to learn much about you, or even tell who you are. You’ll have plenty of time to let your date learn more about your friends and vice-versa, but leave that for once you’ve met and had a few successful follow-ups.
  • Be Honest – If you’re looking to settle down, don’t pretend like a casual encounter is OK with you, and if you’re just looking for a fling, don’t make mention of fairytale scenarios of walking down the aisle or hoisting bouncies babies. You’ll just end up stressed out, and disappointing someone that took you for your word. Be clear about your intentions and interests, that way you’re more likely to find what you’re actually looking for.
  • Stay Positive – Put your best self out there, and try not to focus on past disappointments. It’s hard to get excited about dating someone who sounds like Eeyore the sad donkey. Keep things lighthearted and show your fun, sociable side. Positivity pays.

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