Ten Best Places to Visit in Scotland

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Looking to make the trip of a lifetime? We’ve compiled the ten best places to visit in Scotland and things to do while there for you that takes in all the otherworldly views, from the lochs to the isles to the mountains of this rugged country. But Scotland isn’t just a place of untamed countryside: It also boasts cosmopolitan cities, castles, and some of the best places to golf in the world, not to mention a certain monster named Nessie. Here are ten of the best places to visit in Scotland, and things to do, that you’ll be wanting to add to your bucket list ASAP.





Central Eastern Scotland

Scotland’s hilly capital is like no other city. Both its Old Town and New Town (new, being relative, as this year it will be 251 years old) are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Edinburgh Castle is amazing, and there are plenty of great, gorgeous places to stroll and hike and take in the wonder that is Edinburgh. The city boasts one of the most robust festival scenes in the world.

Isle of Skye

off Northwest Coast

This destination is home to rugged landscapes, picturesque towns and plenty of castles to explore. It is the largest and northernmost island of the inner Hebrides, and it boasts some of the best landscapes in a land of gorgeous terrain.


off Northwest Coast

This archipelago of hundreds of islands off of Scotland’s northwest coast is divided into inner and outer regions. People have lived on these gorgeous isles since the Mesolithic era, so history runs really deep here. Here you’ll find stone circles, seals and sea birds, and plenty of vistas to Instagram.

Shetland Islands

Northeast of Scotland, in the Arctic Circle

This is the northernmost point of all of Great Britain, and they’re so close to Norway (given to Scotland in 1469 instead of a Danish dowry), it’s almost like visiting Scandinavia. Almost, but not quite. There are ponies and sheepdogs and, of course, the gorgeous landscape makes it worth the trek.


Western Lowlands of Scotland

The largest city in Scotland (third largest in all of the United Kingdom) boasts some amazing architecture, and Glasgow’s cultural centrality adds to its importance on our list of the 10 best places to visit in Scotland. It is home to Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet, and the National Theatre of Scotland and is filled with great museums, neighborhoods, and a thriving music scene.


Off Northeastern Coast

These 70 islands, including 20 inhabited ones, are located off the northern coast of Scotland. Not only do Orkney’s residents pre-date the Romans (or rather, their ancestors did). Check out the wildlife (seals, puffins, etc.) or some of the oldest, Neolithic sites in theworld.

Ben Nevis

Western End of the Grampian Mountains

The Ben, as it’s known in Scotland, is the highest mountain not only in Scotland, but the United Kingdom. Whether you walk the Mountain Trek or climb the cliffs, the experience is pretty magnificent.

Cairngorms National Park

Eastern Highlands

Located right in the Highlands, this National Park boasts castles and distilleries, gardens and wildlife, and there are plenty of boutique lodges, hotels and bed and breakfasts to enjoy as well. Enjoy history or the great outdoors — the choice is yours.

St. Andrews

Northeast of Edinburgh

The golf here is fantastic, as the venue is the most frequent Open Championship one. The University of St. Andrews is the third oldest English-speaking university in the world. As for resorts on the coast, they’re lovely.

Loch Ness


This large, deep freshwater lake (or, rather, loch) boasts a long history. Yes, it also boasts of sightings of the Loch Ness monster. But even if you don’t catch a glimpse of Nessie, you can still enjoy waterfalls, castles and more.

Cheat Sheet

There’s a lot more to see beyond our list of the 10 best places to visit in Scotland. Start mapping out your trip here, and at these sites, which can also help you find top things to do on your trip:

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