On Thanksgiving, if you’re traveling between 50 and 99 mies, most travelers travel on Thursday.  If you’re traveling 100 miles or more, Wednesday is typically the most traveled day of the holiday.  Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year’s travel periods vary.  With this year’s Christmas landing on a Friday, most travel will occur on Thursday and Wednesday.  Both holidays are often deemed the worst days to travel in America.

To get ready for travel on either of these holidays, below are 5 of our best travel tips to get you prepared to travel in style and comfortably.

1) Stay Organized

There are apps out there that will do everything for you and they require absolutely no work…like literally none.  We recommend TripIt – this app will take all your confirmation emails straight out of your inbox and organize them by trip.  So when you buy a flight to Europe, the airline will send confirmation emails to you.  TripIt will automatically grab those emails and store them in the app – then it will remind you the day before to check in and it will keep you updated on delayed flights before the airline desk even knows.  So staying organized is easy and it’s the difference between a rookie traveler and a pro.

2) Dress to Reduce Stress

Best Travel Tips – Comfortable Clothing

In the first 24 hours of travel, you’re going to be taking off your shoes and belt and sitting in an uncomfortable chair with very little leg or foot-room for who knows how many hours in a cabin that’s generally either too hot or too cold.  So I recommend wearing shoes that aren’t clunky – ideally ones that can slip on and off – which is great for the metal detector and for easily taking them on and off on the flight.  I also always recommend a light pair of pants and a shirt with a pull over – so if it’s cold on the flight, you’re taken care of and if it’s hot, you won’t die from dehydration.  So that’s dress to reduce stress.


3) Drinking and Flying

Bring a water bottle with you in your day bag.  Once you get through security, fill it up with water at the fountain so you can have some water with you from the star and don’t need to wait 45 minutes before a hostess asks if you want some Pepsi or Apple Juice.  Also – airplane bottles of liquor are called airplane bottles of liquor for more reasons than just the fact that they serve them on flight.  They are also the right amount of ounces to pass through security.  So if you have a long flight that won’t be serving alcohol, bring a few with you for a stiff drink to pass the time.  Just don’t let a stewardess see you do it – they may take it from you.

4)  Carry On!

Best Travel Tips

In all situations, try your hardest to carry on and not check a bag.  Now there are lots of bag options out there that maximize space and efficiency that are great for long weekend getaways or just general travel.  I love this new bag by The Impressed Bag Company called The Preston.  It basically has two bags, a garmet bag that holds a suit or button up shirts and a duffle bag for the rest of your clothing, shoes, and accessories.  So once you’ve got your suit loaded into the garment bag, you can drape it over the duffel bag and the magnets will pull it right into place.  So what used to be two bags, one of which had to be checked, is now one and you’ve got a wrinkle free suit for partying in your final destination. Plus this guy is made of high quality material like Italian leather so you’re looking stylish while traveling.

5) Know Where You’re Going

So many people land in their final destination and have no idea what to do.  Personally, I always do some research before I take off on the local scene – transportation, food, nightlife – pretty much everything.  But if you’re a procrastinator, download trip advisor onto your phone so when you arrive or get to a place with wifi, you can scout out the local scene.  Yelp might be the go-to in the united states, but abroad Trip Advisor rules.  You can get awesome tips on how to get around, what to visit, how much should you be tipping taxis and waiters, and most importantly – where to eat and party like a local.  It’s an absolute must have app when I’m in a new city.