10 Best Travel Websites That Can Save You Money

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While the thought of planning your next getaway is exciting, there’s nothing worse than looking up a flight online and seeing a price you so totally can’t afford. Sometimes, it seems like a vacation is impossible. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The internet gets your pain. There are some sites out there made to help you save. You just need to know where to look. Bookmark these sites the next time wanderlust strikes (or when you’re about to lose your vacation days at work.)




Enter your destinations into Kayak’s search engine, and watch the price and travel aggregator go to work for you. The website takes your information and searches through tons of flights throughout the Internet to find the cheapest one. It can also help you find one-way tickets that end up being cheaper than a round trip ticket.

Google Flights

Google Flights takes the Internet search engine’s sleek design and turns it into an easy-to-navigate flight search engine. You can browse for whatever flight you wish, or take a swing through the site’s various destination suggestions that also show the best deals on airfare. 


Hopper’s tagline says it all: “Know when to fly and buy.” This popular app – among the best travel apps and websites that can save you money – lets you enter where you want to travel into its system and then tells you whether you should buy the tickets then or keep waiting for a lower price. In the meantime, it will keep track of prices for you and alert you when deals arise.


If you fly frequently for work, and have to get reimbursed for your travel, then this is your website. Use DealRay to sign up for instant notifications on deals for flights nationally and internationally. However, the site comes at a price of $9.99 a month. But being the first to know about cheap flights may prove a bargain in the head.

Airfare Watchdog

As soon as you log onto Airfare Watchdog, the website will display tons of cheap flights from the nearest city. Enter your email address to get alerts on the cheapest airfare the site can find or check out the top airfare deals of the day in case you’re traveling on a whim.   


For people without set plans (or who hate planning) this site could be just the solution you need. Fareness actually lets you select different travel themes, such as beaches, US cities, or continents, and then shows you the best flight deals available from your location to various areas.


Use Momondo to check and compare different airline rates to find the best deal. It’s entirely free and browses through “billions” of prices. It also shows you the most searched-for destinations, airlines and more.


Calling all frequent flyers — this one’s for you! Use the mileage converter here to figure out whether it’s worth it to transfer your miles or points to a new program. Or, calculate how many miles you’ll earn shuttling between different airports.

The Flight Deal

The Flight Deal will show you various locations to travel to, along with cheap airline fare. It suggests which airlines to fly, and how to purchase tickets. Then you can compare/contrast how you want to fly without all the tedious research.


Yapta tracks airline pricing and, according to its website, claims it has already “identified over $550 million in savings for travelers.” It will let you know if a flight price goes down within 24 hours and if it makes sense financially to rebook and save money.


To find out more about the best travel websites that can save you money, check out the links below:

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