10 Signs You’ve Found The One

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How do you know when you’ve found someone who’s boyfriend or girlfriend material? It’s not as difficult as you think. Most of us are searching for that ideal relationship that has the potential to grow into more than just friends, and 10 signs can help you tell when you’ve found the one. Searching for that perfect match can be tedious, as can screening people through their online dating profiles, going on numerous first dates and endless text conversations to get to know one another. Luckily, the following signs can help you know when you’ve found that special someone, and that it’s time to make it official.

They’re Reliable – Having reliable people in your life is important, especially a potential significant other. When you make dinner plans for 8PM and your date shows up right on the dot, it shows they are considerate of your time and know how to stick to plans. Whether you may need them in the middle of the night to change a flat tire or to help you move some furniture, a person who is consistently dependable is someone worth investing your time.

You Can Talk for Hours – Conversation is key — when it flows easily between two people it’s worth considering taking it to the next level. Whether you’re three dates in or have been dating a few months, ongoing conversation is exciting. When you look forward to hearing what they have to say or how their day was, it’s a major indicator there is a strong connection.

You’re Comfortable Around Them – No one likes pretending they are someone else. When you can be your genuine self in front of someone, there is an ease and comfort unlike no other. Mutual comfort is really one of 10 signs you’ve found the one. Whether you’re dressed to impress or in your Sunday’s best gym wear, you should feel like no matter how you look or the mood you’re in, there is no judgment.

They’re Thoughtful – Thoughtfulness can be demonstrated in small gestures and can go a long way. Being thoughtful can brighten a person’s day instantly. Remembering a big meeting they are having at work and sending you a good luck text or cooking a delicious meal are all little acts of kindness that show you are aware and caring. When someone makes you feel special by thinking of how they can improve your day, it shows that you are appreciated.

They Respect Your Time – While enjoying spending time together indicates that two people are compatible, being able to respect each other’s time alone is just as important. We all need some solo or me time, and it’s important to get that on a weekly basis. Whether it’s taking your favorite yoga class, cuddling up with a new book, or watching your favorite sports team with the guys, it’s OK to do things solo.

You Like Their Friends Too – Being able to kick back with someone’s group of friends is a major plus in life (and love). People’s friends reflect their character and enjoying the company of their friends can sometimes make or break a relationship. The company you keep is vital, and if the person you are dating can kick it with your friends, the easier it is for the both of you. Just remember that the amount of time you invest in your friends should be just as important as the amount of time you invest in your significant other.

They’re Good Communicators – Good communication is a huge part of relationships. Most relationships have their ups and downs, and well-developed communication skills make it easier to deal with conflict and build a stronger, healthier partnership. Make sure to talk about the important things as well as the small things and be sure that your partner listens — this is a sign that this person is open and willing to hear you out as well as share their feelings.

They Mind Their Manners – During your first few dates, take note if your date says thank you, tips well, and stays off their phone while conversing. By seeing how they treat others and respect your time together, this will give you a good idea of what type of person they are. Small instances like thanking a server at a restaurant or holding the door for someone exiting a store can truly show a person’s character.

They’re Great Lovers – Your partner should be open and willing to make you happy and satisfy you both physically and mentally. Being intimate is important in most relationships, so having good communication both in and out of the sheets makes a world of a difference to most couples. Both of you should be listening to what the other likes and respect each other’s needs as long as you both feel comfortable in each situation. Making someone feel sensual and loved is important in a respected and loyal relationship.

They’re Dependable – Life isn’t always peaches and cream, and having someone by your side through the good and bad times shows what type of person they are. Most of us aren’t looking for a fair-weather partner, so when you find the one that sticks by your side through it all, it’s times to make it official. Having someone supporting you at all times can ease tough situations and shows that they are strong and supportive partners.

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