4 Ways to Eat Healthier When Traveling

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How to eat healthier while traveling? It’s a common question we ask ourselves, especially as even road warriors can have a hard time keeping their diet in check while out voyaging. After all, unlike the dining choices you consume home, food designed for on the go consumption is often based on convenience, not nutritional value – and often packed with preservatives. It is possible to make better choices, though, and we have more control over our dining options than we think. Simply apply these expert hints and tips on how to eat healthier while traveling to improve your well-being the next time you’re headed out on the road.

Bring Your Own Bottle

Many a news investigation has shown how unsanitary airplane ice can be, namely because the frozen water is rarely refreshed and the utensils used to grab the ice (like stewards’ hands!) offer questionable cleanliness. The rub is that you can’t bring your own water into the airport. Instead, bring an empty, large temperature-preserving bottle, like a S’well, and fill it to the brim at a drinking fountain to bring on board. In fact, some larger airports now have water-filling stations dedicated to bottle-carrying passengers. You’ll typically find these stations located near traditional water fountains.

Order Food Ahead of Time

First- and business-class flight options on domestic air carriers and economy classes abroad often let you pick your meal before you board the plane or train. Check available options when you book your travel and, if food choices are available, you can usually decide on which dining option or snack to grab up until 24 hours before leaving.

It’s also worthwhile to look up any restaurants you know you’ll be eating at during your travels and preplan the best dining options (a really simple trick to eat healthier when traveling). You don’t have to decide on every single detail of every meal, but having a strong idea of what you would like to consume will help you measure out what you eat during the rest of the day. For instance, if you know a dinner restaurant is known for its decadent chocolate cake, then you can consciously choose to take it easy on the sweets during the day.

Pack More Snacks Than You Need

Tarmac delays, traffic jams, and other issues can be totally unexpected — and out of your control. It’s often wise to pack, say, a piece of fruit for the plane, but unless you pack extras for emergencies, you may find yourself woefully unprepared in case of a random snafu. So pack a little more than you think you need. If you can, include non-perishable items like healthy snack bars or nuts. Durable snacks won’t just hold up better during your travels, and if you don’t eat them, you can just keep them in your bag for your next trip.

Test Drive Meals At Home

Being healthier on the road is tougher when you’re not following the same standard at home! If you are often dehydrated away from home, then try drinking experts’ recommended eight cups of water a day when you’re at home. It will become a habit by the time you start traveling and you will automatically make better choices abroad.

You can also test drive the foods you’ll be eating at your destination before you ever step out the door, and even look up their nutrition value in advance. You may be surprised at how healthy (or unhealthy) certain new foods are, and that can severely affect how you feel on the road later.

Cheat Sheet

Don’t let a few days of travel unravel your nutrition plan: Think about additional ways how to eat healthier when traveling with help from these handy guides.

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