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Let’s take a step off the beaten path to 10 oft-overlooked countries you need to visit now – including those that make for stunning Instagram and Snapchat posts. These unsung destinations (among the most splendid to travel to on vacation that most aren’t yet buzzing about) have more to offer than clever captions and amazing photos, though. They’re full of unbelievable views, amazing cuisine, unique culture, and unforgettable experiences as well. The memories you make at any of these destinations will help keep your wanderlust alive and well. Make a plan to visit one today – or, even better, all of them.




Chile is a country of extremes, bordered on one side by the ocean and the other side by mountains. There’s more for you to discover here than in many destinations, from its landscape to its culture. Miles of first-rate hiking and gorgeous sites abound in this South American gem.


Stop by to get a taste of the Middle East with plenty of hospitality. And it offers you access to the famed Dead Sea and the ancient city of Petra. If you’ve ever dreamt of riding a camel through the desert, Jordan is your destination.


You’ve probably heard of it, but not heard much about it. Estonia is bordered by the Baltic Sea in northern Europe and is a true gem. if you’re traveling on a budget, but still want to hike through the forest and take in sights of the sea, you’re in luck. The country blends ancient with contemporary like nowhere else. You can find many splendors showcased in the capital city of Tallinn.


If you’re looking for an elevated beach vacation, the Philippines offers miles of coastline beaches to pick from. Getting there can be a hike, but it’s ridiculously inexpensive to stay once you’ve arrived. You can also take part in some of the best scuba diving in the world off its coasts.


Myanmar is a new destination, having only welcomed tourists since 2012. Rich in cultural heritage, the country is ideal for adventurers who don’t mind last-minute transportation changes. But if you feel up for the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful sunsets and untapped natural wonders to take in.


Djibouti is a small, but mighty country bursting, sometimes literally, with geographic phenomena. It’s a hotspot of volcanic activity that will treat you to unseen wonders and dazzling landscapes. Throw in luxurious beaches and you’ve got yourself a trip of both relaxation and adventure.


History, art, culture, cuisine, and nature collide in this must-visit destination. The country offers ancient ruins to entice you and beaches that provide world class surfing. You’ll find stellar restaurants up and down its borders, but a visit Lisbon will treat you to unparalleled dining and local cuisine.


Malta is nestled in the Mediterranean, but this small archipelago is making a splash as the European Capital of Culture for 2018. Here you’ll find miles of beaches, 17th-century forts, and catacombs that are as alluring as they are haunting.

Northern Ireland

Not technically a country, as it’s part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland has a culture and landscape that’s entirely its own. The rocky coastline is home to the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede. You may recognize some of the countryside from popular TV show Game of Thrones as well.


Georgia is where Europe meets Asia. A dazzling wine country area and skiing spots are two of the country’s most popular features. It’s also home to thousands of hot springs and historical sites, as well as a tremendously vibrant cultural backdrop.

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