What Guys Really Want: 7 Dating Tips from Guys for Women

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We’ve compiled 7 dating tips from guys for women to help determine what guys really want. While it’s been said that understanding women is akin to solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded while sitting in a rowboat in the middle of a raging storm, solving the mystery of men is no different. Plenty of lowbrow movies and literature have attempted to put men in a box as a generic, generalized species that requires little more than a plug-and-play operation. But men are complicated beasts that require some understanding to properly tame them. And if we’re going to do that we need to go to the source and hear advice from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Here are some tips from dudes on what guys really want, 7 dating tips, in fact, from guys for women. 



Be Real

In a society dominated by social media, we often lose sight of the fact that experiences in life are not snapshots with a well-placed filter. Men, for the most part, are looking for someone authentic with whom they have palpable chemistry. That’s not found by sending every move and look through a mental Instagram filter. Put your phone away, be there in the moment and have a real interaction.

Allow Us to Pay for the Date

There’s an ingrained sense of feeling defeated when women don’t let us pay for the date. One of the tings that guys really want, fairly high, in fact, on our list of the top 7 dating tips from guys for women is that, especially the first date, we got the bill. It allows us to feel like gentlemen. It’s the same reason we like to give you our coat when it’s cold out or open the door for you. This is a sign of respect and signifies that we put you on a pedestal as a goddess who should be treated so.     

Be Interested in Us

While men tend to stay guarded, that doesn’t give you free license to only talk about yourself. We’ll listen, but if a woman doesn’t ask any questions it can come off as shallow. Maintain a balance in the conversation. Ask as many questions as you’re answering.   

A Sense of Humor Goes a Long Way

Men love to make women laugh. And vice versa. Laughter is the ultimate icebreaker. Not everyone is going to have the same sense of humor, but it helps if you can appreciate a joke. Dates should be light and fun. Attempt to make jokes and laugh at his. Nothing makes an evening more awkward than a stone-faced response to a joke.

Make Us Wait

There is a basic animal need beneath the surface at all times. … But make us wait. Allow us to exert some self-discipline on ourselves. Make us get to know you first before taking that step toward intimacy. When it happens, we’ll enjoy it a lot more.     

Confidence is Sexy

When women exude a certain level of confidence it does more for them than a tight dress or makeup could ever do. A woman who is unsure of herself can be cute in the beginning but wears thin real quick. Do what everyone else does: fake it until you make it.

We Like Our Space but Also Don’t

Men are complicated. Often we don’t know what we really want. We like our space and to be alone, except when we don’t. We don’t want constant communication and texts but want to know that you’re still there. Daily communication is great but hourly communication is exhausting. Keep your relationship special and don’t overdo it.

Cheat Sheet

What else do men want above and beyond our 7 dating tips from guys for women? Let them tell you at the links below:

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