How to Handle the 10 Worst Travel Emergencies

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What’s the most effective way to handle the worst travel emergencies you might encounter on the road? Be prepared. Whether dealing with a missed flight, a natural disaster, or lost luggage, you can take steps before ever setting foot out the door that can help you manage and minimize any travel concern. Simply read on to learn more about the best ways how to handle the worst travel emergencies that you might encounter.

Problem: Rental Car Crash

Solution: Get Insurance

You can have lot of confidence in your driving ability, but driving in a foreign place (whether local or abroad) can be a concern. It’s worth getting rental insurance to have peace of mind. At the very least, drive with the rental agency’s number on-hand so you can call for help if you’re involved in a collision. And always use a GPS or at the very least have a buddy handle navigation for you.

Problem: Your Flight Is Canceled

Solution: Get Flight Protection

It goes without saying, but it’s always a good idea to check your flight’s status regularly or setup a monitoring program to do so for you. When an airline rebooks you for a new flight, it should be free of charge to you – but canceled flights may not always be refunded. International flights, when booked through a site like Expedia, do offer flight cancellation protection plans, but always read the fine print to see what you’re getting into.

Problem: Lost Luggage

Solution: Use Nametags

It sounds silly, but those little tags that come with your luggage should absolutely be filled out in case your luggage somehow gets lost. If you think your bag is lost, you have to check in with your airline to see if the bag was possibly delayed. If it’s lost, then you have to file a claim and hope it doesn’t end up somewhere else. Beyond that, it’s up to you to avoid storing valuables in your luggage. Cameras, laptops, ID, cash and other high-value items should be packed in your carry-on luggage. If you’re really paranoid about losing your stuff, carry an extra outfit on your carry-on and get some travel insurance.

Problem: Lost Phone

Solution: Back Up Everything

Smartphones and apps can put every important thing you’ve booked on a trip into one convenient location, but it doesn’t hurt backing up all of that info in a travel notebook or to the online cloud as well. Relying on your phone to either stay fully charged or at-hand throughout a lengthy trip can be a hassle, so keep your addresses, itineraries, and phone numbers on paper where you can reference them close at-hand. Going analog is sure way to help avoid hiccups when learning how to handle the 10 worst travel emergencies. So is backing info up to the cloud so you can restore it quickly should you need to replace a lost device.

Problem: Dealing with Injuries

Solution: Bring a First Aid Kid

You should never take any unnecessary risks during a trip. Wear your seatbelt. Don’t drink too much and get behind the wheel. Avoid high-crime areas at night. But if you do get an injury and it’s a small one, a first aid kit can help. Plus, it’s better than having to search for a pharmacy on the fly. For major injuries, contact the front desk of your hotel to call a doctor.

Problem: Natural Disasters

Solution: Stay Aware

Every year, exotic locales are targeted by hurricanes, violent storms, or political unrest. Wherever you’re traveling and whatever the conditions, it’s good to keep a close eye on what alerts or threats may affect your upcoming travels. The State Department’s Travel site is constantly updated with international news that could affect travelers.

Problem: You Got Robbed

Solution: Be Prepared

Avoid putting your goodies in obvious spots like in your back pocket or in an unprotected purse. Instead, use travel wallets that are either hung around your neck or under your shirt. There are also alternatives you can explore like offerings from Clothing Arts, which strictly makes pickpocket proof clothing that’s not an eyesore and safe from robbery.

Problem: Lost Passport

Solution: Bring ID, Print Out Information

Contact the U.S. Embassy immediately for a temp passport. However, you’re going to need to prove who you are, so definitely travel with a back-up form of ID. To minimize mishaps, when traveling inside a country you’ve already entered, travel with a printout of the passport vs. the passport itself.

Problem: You Hate Your Hotel Room

Solution: Talk to the Manager

If you’re not in love with the room you’re staying at, talk to someone at the front desk – ideally a manager. They should work with you and move you to a new room. If the hotel’s booked solid, find out if they can accommodate you with a discount, freebie, or stay at another property.

Problem: You Get Arrested

Solution: Try not to get arrested.

Some prescription medicines are classified as illegal overseas, so if you must carry pills with you, make sure you follow local guidelines and have official documentation from your doctor on your to avoid suspicion. Similarly, if you ever get arrested for any reason while overseas, contact the nearest U.S. Embassy, and contact friends and family immediately.

Cheat Sheet

Don’t sweat the small stuff, but having a plan in advance can help you better comprehend how to handle the 10 worst travel emergencies:

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