10 Hottest New Trends in Men’s Fashion

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“Bro-rompers” may be a current men’s fashion statement, but in terms of the best new men’s fashion trends to go with, you may not want to indulge (or donate to the cause). Ditto for bodysuits. A pleasing fashion movement that’s not going anywhere is the proper fit — and that goes from a bespoke suit or jacket to a pair of comfy jeans and a range of well-made shirts. Some men are looking to avoid spending a lot of money on their wardrobe, or even to cut back budget-wise as an experiment (a now-old idea was not buying new clothes for a year), but that’s not very practical. If you want to get noticed, you need to become serious about upping your style game. It doesn’t take all that much to do it: What you want to start with are on-trend style essentials that you can inject into your own wardrobe that work across an array of options. So here are 10 of the best new men’s fashion trends to consider. Go forth and shop!

Trend Description
Sharp Suits Bespoke has been the trend for a while, and made-to-measure online is an easy way to go — try Indochino and Black Lapel. Buying off the rack? The most important thing is to learn about fit and then tailor that garment.
Slick Grooming Word has it that beards are sexy, but your hair and beard require constant care. That’s where an annual membership, at a spot such as John Allan’s, with all its perks, comes in.
Unique Shirts Florals are fashionable, as part of a general trend toward more color (pink is big). So are crisp, fresh Ts, though they never went out. Tie-dye is back as well — and its latest looks may surprise you.
Layers One thing goes on top of another, right? Just remember that there’s method to this approach, especially if you don’t want to break too much of a lather while layering that jacket and button-down over your T.
Watches Watches are eternally stylish because they will almost always fit you, even if you gain weight. The oversize hardware movement persists right now, but there are many styles to suit your budget and taste.
Accessories For neckwear, lapel pins, cuff links and more, your friend is the Tie Bar. From hats to shades, wallets, and even soap, a sensible place to stay on trend is J.Crew. Men’s accessories are mainstream now, and the big-box shops, even Amazon, also have a hand in the expanding their scope.
Custom Kicks Retro is the word for your sneaks. And instead of flip-flops or mandals, you can try Soludos, (especially if you like TOMS), for the beach.
Subscription Services Bombfell and Stitch Fix have simplified styling, providing online selections straight to your door. Ditto for disruptor shaving/grooming services such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s.
Small Details Unstructured looks. Stitching. Contrast points. Vintage buttons. Menswear has for some time been all about the little details – take a tip from the pros and focus on them as well.
Athleisure You wear it now: Your hoodie or Henley, jeans, or short sleeves. Athleisure is almost a movement, not a trend. If you can go out in a piece of clothing, and then go outside and break a sweat in it after, you’re already indulging in the hottest trend there is.


Need more help getting your wardrobe in check? Here are more thoughts on the hottest new men’s fashion trends to help you out:

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