10 Must-See Women’s Fashion Trends

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Down from the runways and entertainment icons come the best new women’s fashion trends. The street is where styles are given sartorial turns in which (hopefully) clothing expresses personality — and not the other way around. But in every era, it’s safe to say that for every trend you see, there’s another fashion statement running counter to it. Then again, it’s always best to follow the fashion on the runways in New York and beyond for ideas, if you want to spot what’s hot and stay cool during every season. The present is an interesting moment particularly due to social media (ahem…Instagram!), where what’s relevant can change in an instant: A seeming fashion unknown can become a trendsetter through the increasing influence of hashtags and exposure instantaneously. Below is a list of 10 must-see — and must-have — list of the best new women’s fashion trends to see you through in style right now.

Trend Description
Pink Whether it’s a shock of hot pink or an ultra-feminine strawberry tinge, pink is in. The color’s wide range makes selections simple, but choosing classics within the trend (say, a pink trench) can help you up the ante.
Denim Skinny is still current, but loose, high-waisted and wide-leg jeans are trending (palazzos liberated silhouettes a while ago). Denim’s also freed up for fun with floral inlay and deconstructed, torn-off-the-knees looks. The most versatile brands at present? Levi’s and Madewell.
Retro The “Shoulder Movement” is back: Think boxy, curved, round or off the shoulder. Also consider exaggerated elements: Hoop earrings, à la the ’70s; glossy makeup and texture not matte (thank you, Marc Jacobs); and iconic, splashy styles from, most importantly the ’80s.
Florals Break out your sundress and stay cool while remaining stylish. But you needn’t max out your budget looking for the perfect floral maxi. Numerous options are available for every taste and budget.
Prints, Textures, Patterns Go beyond floral with pattern, prints and texture — a flouncy dress in textured fabric, say, blended with pattern, does the trick. Need inspiration? Pattern your mood here.
T-Shirts Yes, “activist fashion” finds a home on Ts in political slogans right now, but also graphics, concert Ts and personality are de rigueur. And just as men love simple white short sleeves, a solid, jersey T works — however you roll.
Shoes Warm-weather staples — mules and espadrilles — offer a boost but sandals, slides and flats are always sensible. Want sneaks? Unisex Stan Smiths finally have competition: Nike’s classic Cortez.
Accessories Statement jewelry is in: Think oversize earrings (some serious hardware). Shades are also of the essence!
Vintage Yes, even the ’90s now are vintage as well. So, think Instagram, and follow Vintage Fashion, Na Nin Vintage and Mercy Vintage. Algorithms also are your friend on Pinterest boards, Etsy shops and eBay.
Black and White B&W is evergreen, whether in micro-polka dot, color-blocked pairings or alternating stripes. Saks recently simplified things too. In doubt? Just go with a blank canvas.


Need a shortcut to style? Here are more insights into the best new women’s fashion trends that should be on your radar:

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