Top Travel Apps and Websites for Family Vacations

A lot of factors go into scheduling the perfect escape. Happily, these top travel apps and websites can help you plan a must-see family vacation right now. Looking to save big on airfare? Score deals on fun activities and accommodations? Book some of the best tours in town? All can help you plot the getaway […]

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Parenting Tech Guide: Comments, Newsgroups and Online Forums

These days, nearly every piece of content encountered online offers the ability for readers to comment upon it, which can lead to extensive discussion and/or debate. When parents stop and think about it, this means that kids can engage in discussions with anyone online, and read comments from anyone—even if it’s not “kid-friendly” talk. As […]

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Online Safety Guide: Wireless Networks and Your Family

The ubiquity of wireless networks makes connecting to the Internet incredibly convenient, but you still must be mindful of how your devices are connected. As we point out in Parenting High-Tech Kids: The Ultimate Internet, Web, and Online Safety Guide, most families have a wireless network connection courtesy of their cable or phone provider, but […]

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