8 Surefire Ways for Guys to Have a Great First Date

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Hey guys – how can you have an amazing first date? It’s not rocket science, as many experts would tell you. (Unless you’re going on a date with a rocket scientist.) Here are eight surefire ways for guys to woo that special someone on your first encounter — and make sure it has a sequel that’s better than the original (unlike Ghostbusters II).

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Show Some Respect
If a girl sees you being touchy-feely on one first date, she’s going to assume you’re touchy-feely on all first dates. Limit your touches to natural, friendly, and warm gestures — not the overtly romantic squeeze you might be planning to woo her with. Grab her hand and help her out of the car, but don’t drape your arm around her for the entire after-dinner drink.
Make Conversation Sounds simple, right? For those attempting to pull off the strong and silent vibe, there’s a fine line between mysterious and emotionally closed-off and boring. You’ve got to give her something to work with. Make your first date something you can talk about. Love basketball? Invite her to a game. Or take her to a concert featuring your favorite singer. She’ll be amazed at what you have to say.
Don’t Be A Cheapskate We’ve all got to watch our spending, especially when it comes to dating. But there’s a difference between “frugal” and “dirt cheap.” Frugal means scheduling a date during happy hour, when apps and drinks are half price. Cheap is telling her she can only order off the kids’ menu. Plan the date with your budget in mind, but beware of the impression you might give in the process.
Ask Questions Want to impress your date? Learn about HER. Ask her questions that you’re genuinely interested in having answered. Not sure where to start? Most women like talking about their job (or, rather, their ambitions), because it shows you take them seriously. Ask her what she does, why she does it, whether she likes it…you get the idea.
Handle Your Liquor The temptation to get wasted on a first date is certainly palpable. But, resist! If you do, you’ll look like a fool. And, more importantly, you’ll leave her wondering if this is an exception, possibly due to first date jitters, or if this is a clue to who you really are. Either way, it’s not the impression you want to make. Throw a glass of water in between adult beverages to keep an even keel.
Keep It Light If you’re stuck in the past, then dating forward isn’t going to work. Don’t bring up exes or failed relationships AT ALL. One of the eight surefire ways for guys to have a great first date is to be sure you’re not relying on the nice girl across the table to play therapist while you talk about the girl who left you in college.
Don’t Curse True, women love bad boys. But cursing gets old. It’s impolite, and it makes you look like you’re TRYING to be tough. Take this step a bit further and just curb the cursing habit for good. Not only will it save you on first dates (and second and third dates, etc.), but it’ll help you during job interviews, meeting new people… basically any situation in which you’re not driving a tractor trailer.
Don’t Talk Money Whether you make a lot, or you’re clipping coupons, it’s tacky to talk about money on a first date. Casually pay for the date – you know, like a gentleman – and leave it at that. Once you get married (thanks to these tips), you can fight about money – like every other couple – to your hearts’ content.

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Fellas, there are many more dating tips to keep in mind when planning an evening out, and maybe more than eight surefire ways for guys to have a great first date. Study up at the links below:

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