Best of St. Louis: Come Party With The Vigilettes!

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It’s party time!!! Thursday, May 25 from 8-11P at NOMAD (508 North Eculid Ave.), we’re throwing a Best of St. Louis launch event with free drinks and free food to celebrate the launch of SELECT: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked™. Among the festivities will be a face-melting performance from STL-based band The Vigilettes that you won’t want to miss. We caught up with the band – a popular fixture on the local scene, and among the best acts in town – to find out a little more about them before they take the stage.

Band:  The Vigilettes

Year formed: 2015

Band origin: At one time, band members Catlin O’Toole, Sara Smith, Jessee Halbower and Melanie Meyer were all in different bands in St. Louis. In time, they found themselves free agents  and formed The Vigilettes. “It all came together naturally,” says Meyer. “ Everything fell into place.”

Influences:Right now, probably anything from The Breeders, Sleater Kinney, Rush,” says Meyer. “ It’s a wide array of bands. Each of us writes for the band  individually, and we each have different flavors to bring to the band. The songs have different fluctuations and tempos. Not a lot of people know who writes what.”

How it describes its sound: “A little grunge, a little pop, a little soul and a lot of rock-reminiscent of 90s alternative with thoughtful lyrics and powerful harmonies.”

How is the music scene in STL? “It’s gigantic. It’s insane how much talent is here. There’s the Riverfront Times showcase with 100 local bands. St. Louis has an amazing music community, and we all lift each other up.”

What’s next for the band? “This summer, we’re writing news songs, and want to record an EP. We have future plans to tour.”

To catch The Vigilettes live, and come party with the editors of SELECT: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked, check out the following information below:










Hope to see you there!!!

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