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As the best comedy clubs in New York City underscore, this is the city where most big-name comedians got their start. Bonafide stars like Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer and Louis CK have all earned their stripes doing open mic night at clubs throughout the town. Wondering where to go to catch a show? The following list can help. No matter where you choose to go, you’re guaranteed at least a couple laughs. Who knows? Swing by the best comedy clubs in NYC, and you may even discover a new talent… or catch comedy royalty returning to their roots. It happens.

Name Location Description
Caroline’s on Broadway 1626 Broadway If you’re interested in marquee names, this is one of your best bets. Even the most experienced comics have to fight to get stage time at Caroline’s. Tickets for the club’s weekly series, “Funniest Show on Broadway,” can be purchased ahead of time online.
New York Comedy Club 241 E 24th St This popular spot is open five days a week until 2AM, and 12:30AM on Mondays and Sundays, so there’s plenty of comedy shows to be take in here. Open mics for up-and-coming comics are held every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 5PM, and upcoming general shows include “Saturday Night Prime Time Comedy” and “Zodiac Show: Virgo Edition.”
Comedy Cellar 117 Macdougal St When you’re at the Comedy Cellar, you’re elbow-to-elbow with the crowd, but you’ll also get a great show. Here, you can see a new comic on the rise, and there’s a good chance you may also catch more established comics like Colin Quinn and Aziz Ansari making a random appearance as well. Note that content here is also most X-rated, so if you blush easily you’ll walk out beet-red after the show – go in forewarned.
The Creek and the Cave 10-93 Jackson Ave, Long Island City This multi-level comedy club and restaurant hosts several shows seven nights a week. Every week the club debuts a new comedian who’ll play the week straight for “Week at the Creek” and newbies can try their hand at comedy during its multiple open mic nights. Come for one show, stay for three, and order some covered burritos or taco salads while you’re at it.
Gotham Comedy Club 208 W 23rd St Established comedians like Ted Alexandro, Jim Gaffigan and Tom Papa come back to Gotham Comedy Club time and time again, long after they hit the big time. Check out the new talent showcase that’s hosted every Monday and Wednesday, and you may even find a new favorite.
The Stand 239 3rd Ave At The Stand, you can take in dinner and a show without leaving the venue. Upstairs, dine on cheeseburger dumplings or crab sliders, and then head down for some comedy. If you’re into insult comedy, check out the Roast Masters shows that are held every Tuesday night – they’re brutally entertaining.
Upright Citizens Brigade 307 W 26th St UCB Theatre is the host to some of the best improv in the city. Popular groups that perform here include The Stepfathers on Fridays, Death by Roo Roo on Saturdays, and ASSSSCAT 3000 on Sundays. Guest appearances from stars on “Saturday Night Live,” “30 Rock” and “The Colbert Report” are a common occurrence at UCB. The venue also offers lots of improv classes which run throughout the year.
Dangerfield’s 1118 First Ave Dangerfield’s is one of the longest-running comedy clubs in the city, once owned by legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Part of the appeal of this place is that it’s remained unchanged since it first opened in 1969. The interior is vampy and dark, but it fits in with the overall vibe. Find out show announcements and updates made daily on Facebook and Twitter.
Stand Up NY 236 West 78th Street Stand Up New York showcases comics that are somewhere in-between amateur and professional. For the most part, the performers here are young and up-and-coming, as there are open mics here every Monday-Friday 5-7PM. From 8PM on, there’s a different comedy showcase every night.
Comic Strip 1568 2nd Ave At Comic Strip, where Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy got their starts, expect to see lots of different acts in one night. Seasoned comics get the prime times, with the rookies wrapping up the night. But if you want to hone your comedic skills, Comic Strip also offers an eight-week course taught by comedy veteran D.F. Sweedler. Your graduation includes performing onstage in front of a live audience and a DVD copy of your show.



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