10 Ways to Spend a Snow Day in St. Louis

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STL weather can be nearly impossible to predict, but the best ways to spend a snow day in St. Louis can help. OK, so big storms might initially keep you home, but that shouldn’t be a reason not to have a great day. How about the classic wintertime activity of ice skating in Forest Park or Clayton? Or maybe you’d like to enjoy some cookies from one of the several places around St. Louis that make great ones — or the few that deliver. Perhaps, after a snowy morning, you can enjoy an afternoon at the spa. Try any one of these 10 best ways to spend a snow in St. Louis when you’re looking for a way to relax and unwind and shake off the winter blues. 




Sled Down Art Hill

Fine Arts Dr

Don’t be put off by the snow; embrace it. Whether you own a toboggan, an inner tube, or a trash can lid, join the locals on Art Hill for sledding. The sledding is always a fun activity for all ages, and the view at night, with the lake below lit up, is positively gorgeous.

See St. Louis Museums

Multiple Locations

Sometimes a snow day is best spent indoors. But it doesn’t have to be in your own four walls. St. Louis features lots of museums to take-in, including the world-class (and free) Saint Louis Art Museum, Missouri History Museum and Saint Louis Science Center, the  National Blues Museum (for a fee), and the quirky Lemp Mansion.

Go Ice Skating

Multiple Locations

It’s hard to deny that ice skating one of the best things to do on a snow day in St. Louis, because it’s active, but not too strenuous, and seasonal, but still classic. Whether you go to Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park, Shaw Park Ice Rink in Clayton (or other rinks in the area), strap on skates and give it a go.

Go Skiing

Multiple Locations

Just because you don’t see mountains out your bedroom window doesn’t mean a great ski excursion is out of the question. Snow days are the perfect time to ski through St. Louis’s streets and parks. Interested? Follow St. Louis Ski Club for upcoming events.

Hang Around a Fire Pit

Multiple Locations

Fire pits are great in winter, especially on a snowy day. Reclaim the outdoors when you stop by the patios at Sasha’s on Shaw, The Royale or 21st Street Brewers Bar, to name just three St. Louis options.

Sip Some Hot Chocolate

Multiple Locations

On a snowy day, nothing warms you up quite like a cup of hot chocolate. If you can make it, try trekking through the snow to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, Kayak’s or Blondie’s Coffee, Wine and Dessert Bar to reward yourself with a delicious treat.

…Or Maybe Some Cookies

Multiple Locations

Cocoa deserves company. Cookies, particularly of the melty, chocolate chip variety, work perfectly. Grab a few at the best option near you, like Amy’s Corner Bakeshop, Dad’s Cookie Company, Russell’s on Macklind. Insomnia Cookies and Hot Box Cookies.

Go to the Spa

Multiple Locations

After some snow shoveling, you deserve something special. Some of the spas in and around St. Louis are bound to be open, and there are plenty of options to choose from, including Morgan Ford Massage & Spa and the Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Experience Holiday Attractions

Multiple Locations

Snow day got you down? If the roads are open and it’s December, how about cheering yourself up with some of St. Louis’s best holiday attractions, like Garden Glow at the Missouri Botanical Garden, Winter Wonderland in Tilles Park or The Polar Express Train Ride?

Search for Bald Eagles

Alton, IL

You might not love the snow, but at least you don’t have to sit all day in it, protecting your nest. If the roads are clear enough to make it to Alton, Illinois, that’s what you just might see. Both male and female bald eagles spend their winters in the area, so a trip here gives you a chance to spot our national symbol nesting, hunting, and inspiring you to tough out the winter.


Spruce up your afternoon with more of the best ways to spend a snow day in St. Louis at these locales:

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