Travel Guide: Family-Friendly Cities in Europe

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The most family-friendly cities to vacation at in Europe are a must-see for adults and kids of all ages. Stop by them, and you’ll discover that their focus isn’t on just allowing you to take in the sights, but also making sure everyone can enjoy a range of activities that suit all budgets and interests. Traveling overseas can be quite an adventure, and the following destinations offer world-class international experiences that are easy to soak up and take in. Looking for an amazing place to visit on your next family sojourns? Check out our list of choices for the most family-friendly cities at which to enjoy a European vacation. 





Legendary cuisine in Paris will satisfy the whole family, from the sweet beignets to the unmatched soufflés. The street performers, breathtaking architecture, sweeping range of historical sites and attractions, and endless amount of entertainment options to be had here will keep your family busy and on the go.


Two words: Harry Potter. You can live the adventure here. But don’t forget tons of top-notch historical and cultural attractions either from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Many unique destinations, such as Harrods’ Toy Kingdom, will also keep the kids occupied for hours on end.


The street art and the cool, laid-back atmosphere in Barcelona make the city perfect for strolling. Its main La Rambla strip gets all the attention (and offers great waterfront views), but your family won’t want to miss the food, shows, and attractions here either.


Bikes and bridges rule this often-overlooked spot — it’s easily one of the 10 best, most family-friendly cities to vacation at in Europe, as the cultural mix is a strong magnet and the town is incredibly beautiful. The slow pace and range of activities to take in here also makes Amsterdam a welcome destination.


A lot can change in a few decades. Just 30 years after the fall of the wall, Berlin has grown into a fascinating and surprisingly family-friendly destination. Both the city’s cultural and regional heritage are rich, and it’s a surprisingly pretty and enjoyable destination to stroll. The Berlin Welcome Card lets you travel through most of the city for one low price.


Unlike its bigger cousin, Rome, and sister city, Venice, Florence pffers an understated charm that’s ideal for little ones. Gelato, pasta and al fresco meals can be had here, which will be a hit with the whole family, as will the plentiful outdoor activities on offer amid the stunning architecture.


Athens is a serious destination for water-loving families, from oceanfront locales to robust aquatic parks. There are also literally thousands of colorful mythological stories weaved into every element of the city. The killer cuisine on offer here definitely helps, too.


Forget the beer: Dublin has gorgeous beaches in the summer and massive parks that rival the world’s best to take in as well. City tours are plentiful, too, including buses and all-inclusive options. Historical hot spots,, classic castles and other cultural attractions all make Dublin as playful as it is educational to visit.


Lisbon is not only nestled on the gorgeous Tagus river, but offers many fun ways to explore the city. Streetcars, trams, bus boats, go-karts —  these options make Lisbon great to enjoy as a family. The stunning Lisbon Aquarium (Oceanario De Lisboa) is well worth a visit as well.


Mozart, The Sound of Music… and zoos? The Austrian capital is incredibly kid-friendly, offering a mix of all-ages museums and the oldest zoo in the entire world (Schonbrunn Palace). Amusement parks and pristine gardens are yours to enjoy here, as is a sip of coffee at a street café – it’s a striking destination with tons of charm to spare.

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