10 Ways to Have an Amazing First Date

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What’s the secret to having an amazing first date? You may be surprised at just how simple and straightforward the answers really are. Feeling right, looking right, and having fun are just a few important factors to consider when planning a first date with a new cutie. Want to make a great first impression? Just follow the hints, tips, and guidelines below and you’re all but certain to have an amazing first date.



Plan Your Outfit

Comfort should be your first priority. Make sure to wear something that fits right and won’t keep you fidgeting. Nothing is worse than heels that hurt or a dress that constantly rides up. Think about where your date is being held and what would be appropriate attire. Keep your makeup and your clothes minimal, and give yourself a once-over before heading out.

Keep the Conversation Light

It’s fine to ask questions on a first date. After all, you are trying to get to know each other. The key is to make sure there isn’t any awkward silence during the date, but neither of you want to feel like it’s a job interview. An easy icebreaker is to simply ask how their day was. It can open doors to other topics. If you are a movie buff or love reading, ask your date what the last movie they saw was or book they have read.

Be Aware of Body Language

Actions speak louder than words, so reading someone’s body language is key on a first date. If your date fidgets or bounces his leg up and down under the table, then he is probably nervous. Try cracking a joke to ease his nerves. If he licks his lips or touches your hand or shoulder, then the telltale sign is that he is super attracted to you. Make sure you give off the right body language, too. Make eye contact when he’s talking to show that you are engaged in what he is saying. Women tend to communicate via facial expressions, so smile when you feel like it.

Choose Somewhere Fun or Casual

First dates don’t always have to be at a fancy restaurant. The best first dates usually take place in a comfortable setting where you can get to know one another. Take the lead and choose the place, like a café or an upbeat restaurant that serves small plates. Opt for a morning or afternoon meet up, but avoid bars or nightclubs. Sometimes the experience is just as important as the conversation part, too. Plan a visit a park or museum.

Avoid the Ex-Factor

Don’t let your ex ruin a first date. Stick to the present and keep conversation positive. No one wants to hear about how your ex cheated on you. It might give off signs of unfinished business or unresolved issues. And if your date asks you about your ex, say something positive without revealing too much.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes the first date doesn’t go according to plan. The restaurant may have lost your reservation or you find out your date is a strict vegan the day of the date. In any case, make sure to always have at least two options on where to go. Keep your backup plans relatively close by to your original location and make sure you don’t need advance tickets or reservations. Look up some local events nearby or opt for go-to activities like bowling, grabbing some ice cream or even a sporting event. Having a few options in your back pocket will make you look like a rock star.

Put Your Phone on Silent

Pausing a conversation to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy photo or texting your friend mid-date will come off like you’re disengaged (not exactly one of the best ways women can have an amazing first date). No one wants to compete with a cell phone. Instead, keep it in your bag for the night. No one will fault you when using it to look up a train or movie time, or if’s truly an emergency. Otherwise shut down for a bit and engage IRL.

Offer to Pay or Split the Bill

As if a first date isn’t awkward enough, the bill drop on the table can be just as awkward. It’s important to make the offer to pay or at least split the bill. If your date insists on paying the bill, then let him, but offer to leave the tip. If he paid the bill (and tip), tip the car valet or the coat check. It’s a nice gesture and ends the evening on a good note.

Be Yourself

Of course, we want our first dates to find us smart, funny, attractive and irresistible, but be yourself. Keeping it 100 will be evident in your conversation throughout the night. Bragging will only highlight insecurities. Telling white lies about yourself will only result in problems later down the road. Keep a healthy mindset, be open-minded and stay in the present moment. And remember that dating is not about being picked. You are the chooser, too, and it is just as important to connect with your date as it is for them to connect with you.

End the Date the Right Way

Do you kiss on a first date? Yes, a goodnight kiss can really seal the deal. If you’re super into someone, why not show him that you had a lovely evening with an innocent smooch. Set up a second date too. It’s always a good plan to end the night with some reassurance. Tell your date you’d love to see them again and agree that you (or him) will reach out to schedule another date sooner than later. Make sure to thank your date too. If they treated, thank them again for a fun evening and let them know you really enjoyed their company and spending time getting to know them. Being a little bold won’t hurt. Make sure you let your date know you really enjoyed their company, just enough not to scare them away.

Cheat Sheet

Need a refresher course on dating? Here are some other ways to ensure that you have an amazing first date

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