10 Awesome Ways to Volunteer in St. Louis

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Looking for some awesome ways to volunteer in the St. Louis area? That’s great! But with so many problems in the world, it can be hard to know where to start. The good news is that working for any organization that’s making the world a better place is a great thing. SELECT found 10 organizations doing just that. Volunteers at St. Louis Area Foodbank help to sort, box , and repackage food essential to the city’s hungry people. Helpers at Ronald McDonald House Charities of St. Louis make families in town for their children’s medical care feel at home. Those at Saint Louis Crisis Nursery help take care of children in need of short-term, emergency housing. So check out our list of the 10 awesome ways to volunteer in the STL, and find a way to do good that sounds right for you. 




United Way

910 N. 11th St

United Way has opportunities organized by interest, schedule, skills, court-ordered hours, age and group size. Connect to do anything from helping children with special needs to assisting seniors, serving food to the hungry and helping with adult education programs, along with a lot more.

St. Louis Volunteer Group



If you aren’t sure what kind of volunteering you want to do but you want to do something, then St. Louis Volunteer Group is for you. With thousands of members, the group serves as a social organization that does a lot of good in the process.

St. Louis Area Foodbank

70 Corporate Woods Dr, Bridgeton

Volunteers helping St. Louis Area Foodbank will help feed St. Louis’s hungriest are always welcome. People young, old and in between can assist in sorting, boxing and repackaging food for this organization.

Habitat for Humanity

3763 Forest Park Ave

Habitat for Humanity’s mission to provide homes for people that need them is also one of the most essential causes that anyone could get involved in Volunteers can help build a house, staff a store that raises money by selling donated items, or even take part in an internship.


2801 N Kingshighway Blvd

LOVEtheLou is an organization combating cycles of poverty and systemic racism in North City. This is one of the most awesome ways to volunteer in St. Louis: Separating its mission into Creating, Joining, and Healing, LOVEtheLou provides employment and mentorship to teenagers, housing to people in need, and business development to the community. While not as volunteer-heavy as other organizations in the area, volunteers make a huge difference in the community.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

One Children’s Place

Those interested in making a difference with children can find a great opportunity at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Volunteers can help patients have a good time in the Playroom and Teen Lounge or the Sibling Playroom, greet people as they enter the hospital, staff the information desk and much more.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of St. Louis

3450 Park Ave

Ronald McDonald House, dedicated to providing housing for families traveling from far away for their children’s medical care, has three St. Louis area houses. Volunteers help families settle in, staff Ronald McDonald Family Rooms within hospitals, or do critical maintenance work.

Saint Louis Crisis Nursery

Multiple Locations

Saint Louis Crisis Nursery provides emergency, short-term housing to children whose families are going through times of crisis. Along with the trained staff, volunteers are always needed at its four locations. Adults and older teenagers can assist in taking care of kids, serving dinner, restocking supplies, or maintaining the grounds.

Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis

Multiple Locations

Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis offers to connect those interested with all kinds of service opportunities, from Angels’ Arms foster home program to Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis and Gateway Greening. Whether you want to help the city directly or any contingent of people within it, there’s something for you. 

Humane Society of Missouri

1201 Macklind Ave

If you have a passion for protecting animals, volunteering with the Humane Society of Missouri might be right up your alley. Kids and adults alike can walk dogs, take care of cats, assist on ranches or even take a pet in need into their home.

Cheat Sheet

Give back with the 10 most awesome ways to volunteer in St. Louis this season, or any time. Find out more here:

VolunteerMatch — Volunteer Opportunities

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