10 Ways to Save Big on Hotels

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Getting a deal on your next trip isn’t difficult — there are at least 10 ways to save money on hotels (you just have to know where to look and what to ask for). These tips will save you some good green on your next trip. That’s money that deserves to be somewhere else other than that extra queen-sized bed that you didn’t ask for, but often wind up paying for. Once you pick a destination, booking the hotel room shouldn’t be the hassle and a half that it is. Use our top tips to save. Your wallet will thank you, so check out our list of the 10 ways to save money on hotels.

  • Become a group member. Members of large associations such as AARP and AAA usually qualify for travel discounts, hotels included. Check which hotels your organization offers a discount for before booking to get you the sweetest deal. Many employers also offer discounts. Yours may not, but it can’t hurt to ask.
  • Avoid the weekends. Weekend hotel rates are known for being notoriously higher than during the week day. Checking in Monday through Thursday will cost you less and save you from competing for your preferred room and space at the breakfast buffet.
  • Go incognito. Or clear your cookies. If you check rates one day and notice they’ve gone up the next, it’s because sites often store your browsing. You can browse in Google Chrome incognito mode or use any browser, but clear your cookies after, to make sure you’re still getting the best deal.
  • Remember three words: Location, location, location. Staying in the heart of the city or right on the beach may be nice, but it’s going to cost you more. One of the easiest 10 ways to save money on hotels is to save big by staying farther away from the hot spots. Being further out just means there’s more for you to explore.
  • Speak the language. Sure, if you’re traveling to Spain, booking in Spanish may help. But knowing the right terms to use in any country will help you get a better deal. Don’t ask for the best deal; ask for the lowest non-refundable rate.
  • Know your seasons. Travelling in the off-season is guaranteed to get you a lower rate. Off-seasons vary by destination, so know when you want to book ahead of time. Plan around their busy months and your trip will be cheaper with fewer tourists.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Check the rates at competing hotels in the area. Once you find something in your price range, book a cancellable reservation. Call up a competing hotel, offer their competitor’s rate, and see if you can score a better deal. And flattery may get you farther is you mention the hotel’s 5-star yelp review and its appeal to you.
  • Group your flight, hotel, and car. Oftentimes, you can get discounts on all three if you book them together. Sites like KAYAK, Priceline, and Travelocity offer bookings like this. You can save time too since you’re doing all at once.
  • Coupon codes. A quick Google search can reveal coupon codes for different hotels and the services they offer. Chrome extensions like Honey can automatically search for these codes for you, saving you big bucks with less work.
  • Think indie. This is a great option if you’re traveling solo. Independent hotels cater more to solo travelers, meaning you won’t have to pay for a queen bed if all you need is a twin. These hotels aren’t usually on the conglomerate sites, so you may have to click out of Trivago and do more digging.

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Don’t fear overpaying for a hotel ever again when you use these sites to find more than 10 ways to save money on hotels:

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