10 Apps to Help you Live Like a Local

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The best travel apps can help you live like a local. Which is great because when it comes to travel, you don’t do typical – and these options can help you immerse yourself in any given city and enjoy the best it has to offer. Looking for top things to do in town? Places to eat? The best ways to grab a flight or get around any given area? Each can help. Simply scroll down to take a closer look at some of the best travel apps available today, and how they can help you stay on top of every voyage.

Local Flavor We’re all on the lookout for steals and deals, whether we’re on vacation or not. Local Flavor lets you get cultured while saving cash. Find all the coupons you can dream of for local restaurants, spas and more while traveling.

CurrencyFor those who get stuck wondering how much an item costs in Euros versus dollars, this app allows you to figure out currency equivalents in 150 countries. And it’s simple to use. What more could you ask for?

Local Eats  When traveling somewhere new, dining on local food is key. This app lets you take a spin around for the best food joints near you while you’re traveling. Rather than the same chains everyone goes to, or the hottest but hard-to-access hot spots, it can point you towards the actual restaurants locals go (and return to) in your area.

Sit or Squat Restroom FinderWhen you’re walking around town, sometimes you just have to go. You can find numerous places with bathrooms open to the public on this app. (Including those that are handicapped accessible.) Users post pics of reviewed bathrooms, so there’s no surprises either.

NearifyNot everyone wants to sign up for a bus tour to see the city they’re in. It’s one of those apps that you simply need when the tourist attractions aren’t doing it for you, and you’re looking to hangout like a local.

Weather AppIt’s easy to get caught in the mindset that traveling somewhere tropical will equate to sunny, warm weather every day. Downloading this app will allow you to be ready for any weather.

AirbnbChances are you probably booked your accommodations through this site. Airbnb is an easy way to book a private residence or room to stay at in any given city while traveling, and mostly budget-friendly.

Instagram – To best utilize Instagram while traveling (and let’s be honest, this helps when looking for something new at home), search for the spots you want to visit. See what people are posting, and use it to your advantage to scope out the places that are actually worth your time.

Google MapsIf you’re trying to get around anywhere — be it local, or somewhere totally new to you — Google Maps is a must-download (definitely non-negotiable as one of the 10 best travel apps to help you live like a local). Not only will it direct you, but it will also give you information on what other spots of interest are around, like restaurants, or places to shop.

HearPlanet Audio Guide to the WorldImagine a tour guide on your phone that’s tuned in to wherever you are, and can give you a bit of guidance along the way. HearPlanet does that in more than 300,000 spots.

Cheat Sheets

Put down the paper map and download 10 of the best travel apps to help you live like a local the next time you’re in a new city. You can find out more here:

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