Travel Guide: Best Places to Visit in Montreal

If you’re looking to see what the capital of Quebec has to offer, SELECT has compiled a list of the best places to visit in Montreal, Canada. The city has lots to offer people seeking an escape to a storied metropolis. For example: You can catch a glimpse of history by walking down St. Paul […]

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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online: Mobile Phones and Smartphones Guide

Once upon a time, many kids dreamed of getting their own landline – one they didn’t have to share with other family members, and where they’d worry about someone accidentally interrupting online transmissions by picking up the handset in the middle of them. Today, the decision to let your kids use a cell phone is […]

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Dining Guide: Best BBQ Restaurants in Kansas City

What are the 10 best barbeque restaurants in Kansas City, MO? And who’s BBQ will you like most? Good question: You won’t be lacking for options in a town that’s practically synonymous with the popular dish. In a city whose style is known for its signature sweet and tangy sauce, and plenty of different cuts […]

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