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Foodies are always ahead of the best new food trends happening right now and know what’s up and coming in the world of good eats (and how it’s eaten). Luckily, you don’t have to be an industry pro to get the scoop here – we’ve got a quick rundown that can fill you in on all the hottest new eats below. For example: The explosion of cheesy raclette onto the scene, sustainable eats, street-food fare, and unique ingredients are just a few of the dining trends on the rise. Read on to get the scoop on what’s en vogue, what’s here to stay, and the best new food trends happening right now that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 



Black Walnuts

Also known as the “truffle of nuts,” black walnuts are showing up in more restaurants and dishes throughout the U.S. Chefs are using these unique nuts for their distinct robust taste. The nut is savory and gives dishes a smoky finish on the palate known to taste like the earthiness of winter on the tongue. Many pastry chefs use black walnuts in baking pies, cookies, brownies and even homemade ice cream. The nut combines beautifully with sweeter dishes like citrus salads, maple roasted Brussels sprouts or toasted and tossed on top of sweet scallops or creamy pasta dishes.

Vegetarian Comfort Food

With more vegetarians and health-conscious eaters on the rise, the demand for vegetables is increasing (and taste-wise, this is one of the best food trends happening right now, too). Restaurants are turning non-animal protein sources into hearty meals, and menus are listing more plant-based offerings like zucchini lasagna, buffalo cauliflower and 5-bean chili. Many chefs are also offering cauliflower “steaks:” An entire head of cauliflower is sliced into steak-sized portions, seasoned and grilled to perfection.

Street Food Inspired Dishes

Street food-inspired dishes are our way of discovering other cultures, people, and places right through our stomachs. Restaurant-goers can discover flavors of local foods from faraway places and chefs get to create their versions of the tastiest homemade dumplings, kabobs, tacos, the classic hot dog and beyond. Foodies love the idea of dishes that are typically served in a fast and casual way now served in a unique and trendy style.

House-Made Charcuterie

From cured meats to aged cheeses, the trend of meat and cheese boards is here to stay. It’s the perfect way to begin your meal, or it can even be the meal. While many restaurants have been serving salamis, sausages, and pâtés made elsewhere, there’s now an explosion of in-house charcuterie. In-house charcuterie takes time, precision, ample space, and lots of talent… but the results are the freshest and highest-quality meats in town.

Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables

Most of us have heard of the heirloom tomato, but now lots of veggies are turning up heirloom, and chefs are using them in their dishes. In short, any fruit or vegetable considered heirloom is produced from an old crop. Chefs prefer using heirloom produce because it truly brings a unique flavor and feel to every dish it graces. Eating them is a rare treat, and most of the heirlooms have very distinctive flavors from their specific genetic traits.

African Spices and Cuisine

Influenced by Middle Eastern cuisine, spices are essential in African cooking. African cuisine is mainly made up of meat, grains, vegetables, and spices. Stews are prepared using beef, fish, chicken and mainly goat. Harissa is commonly used by chefs for some added heat, and the paste is formed from roasted red peppers, chili peppers, garlic paste, cumin, paprika and olive oil. Other spices showing up in dishes are Berbere, an Ethiopian spice mixture made from chili peppers, ginger, garlic, basil, and korarima (Ethiopian cardamom).

Sustainable Food

Diners these days want to know where their food is made and how it’s raised. Some restaurants have created menus using only sustainable ingredients for a farm-to-table experience with only cage-free, pastured-raised, wild caught ingredients. Some chefs have their very own greenhouses on premises. Many restaurants are also going beyond sustainable food and incorporating an eco-friendly environment by reducing waste, recycling, and even conserving water.

Food Bowls

Bowls are no longer just for salad. Everything from poké bowls to acai bowls are filled with a combination of a lean protein, fruits or vegetables, and grains for a truly well-balanced meal. Breakfast and lunch bowls are popular on-the-go meals, and typically a lot healthier than a meal between bread or a bun. Restaurants are also jumping on the power-bowl trend, serving up everything from greens and meat to pasta and salads in customizable bowls.

Elevated Toast

Artisanal toast has caught the attention of most restaurants, and diners are loving it. Toast can be topped with just about anything and is the perfect satisfying meal. Avocado toast, a popular staple amongst brunch goers, can be topped with everything from fresh sliced veggies to eggs over easy or drizzled with sriracha. Other restaurants serve toast topped with ricotta and local honey or seasonal jams or Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. And best of all, these toasts can easily be prepared at home right in your own kitchen.


Who doesn’t love gooey, melted cheese? Raclette is pretty much fondue without all of the work, no dipping, more pouring. A semi-hard cheese with a very distinct flavor with hints of nuttiness, it’s similar to Gruyere. The Swiss/French combo is made from cow’s milk cheese and traditionally melted tableside and scraped over charcuterie, vegetables, potatoes, and sandwiches.

Cheat Sheet

Are you an adventurous eater keen to sample some of the best new food and dining trends happening right now? Find out where to go for the Next Best Thing with help from the below expert guides as well:

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