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Feeding the kids can be a simple, enjoyable task that doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel. The good news for both children and parents is that even picky eaters will be satisfied with the best restaurants for kids in Dallas TX. Places like Cane Rosso, Highland Park Pharmacy, or Mariano’s Hacienda are where the whole family can dig into some great cuisine. Don’t take our word for it, though, just check out this list with a bunch of delicious kid-friendly restaurants and have your little ones be the judge (and jury). Read on to find out more about the best restaurants for kids in Dallas TX.

Babe’s Chicken Dinner House Multiple Locations The whole family loves fried chicken, and kids will love the family style portions here. Chow down on fried chicken with mashed potatoes, cream gravy, and a side of corn and buttermilk biscuits. The kids menu includes chicken fried steak or catfish filet with house veggies. And don’t forget to try the pineapple upside-down cake for dessert.
Celebration Restaurant 4503 W Lovers Ln Celebration Restaurant is a great farm-to-table place to get a home-cooked Southern meal. The kids menu takes taste into account as much as the regular one does, so kids can get rosemary grilled chicken or gluten-free spaghetti with homemade sauce. Parents can order the rainbow trout or the pot roast, and a slice of pie for dessert.
Chicken Scratch 2303 Pittman St Chicken Scratch has a great outdoor area where kids can run around and play while the adults sit back and relax. Kids can eat boneless chicken fingers with mac and cheese while everyone else can get fried chicken or a whole bird with some biscuits on the side. You might even catch a live band playing through The Foundry.
The LOT 7530 E Grand Ave Even adults will be reaching for the kids menu at The LOT. The cashew butter and honey sandwich is something that more refined tastebuds can appreciate. Kids can also order a simple plate of buttered pasta, and all the while adults can get plates like the fish tacos or the blue cheese bacon burger. The best part is that there’s a playground for kids and even dogs to run about, and then you can finally get to sitting back and enjoy beers on draft, including the Texas Honey or Deep Ellum IPA.
Cane Rosso Multiple Locations When it comes to feeding kids, pizza is always a safe option. Cane Rosso serves up genuine Italian cuisine for a down South locale, and both adults and kids alike will appreciate its Neapolitan authenticity with the margherita or the bianca pizzas, kids can take their pick from any of the pizza or even just order a plate of pasta with red sauce.
Highland Park Pharmacy 3229 Knox St Highland Park Pharmacy has been open since 1912 and definitely has a nostalgia feel to it. The whole family can eat at the old-fashioned lunch counter and order hot dogs, grilled cheeses, BLTs and tuna melts. Afterwards, everyone can indulge in the old-fashioned cream sodas or the butterscotch milkshake with malt.
Mariano’s Hacienda 6300 Skillman St J At Mariano’s Hacienda, the kitsch décor will certainly catch any kid’s attention. Stuffed deer heads, a palapa roof, and themed rooms like ranch, beach, and piñata all add to the colorful atmosphere, and the menu does a good job at keeping everyone happy, too. Kids can enjoy the mini Tex-Mex tacos, cheese quesadillas, or the grilled chicken sandwich. Parents: Make sure to try the steak fajitas, which are some of the best in town, and a frozen margarita.
Zoe’s Kitchen Multiple Locations For the days where you’re trying to get them to eat healthier, Zoe’s Kitchen comes in the clutch. Entrees include salmon or salmon kabobs, ham and cheese piadinas, and grilled chicken fingers. There’s also a large family meal that comes with one entree, two sides, plus a Greek salad with hummus or pita bread.
Unleavened Fresh Kitchen 1900 Abrams Pkwy Every day after 4PM kids eat free at Unleavened Fresh Kitchen. The wraps are what this place does best, and while you’ll be satisfied with any one, try the Havana with pulled pork and ham, or the Weekender, with fried chicken. Kids can get tenders, chicken with shaved cheddar, grilled cheese, or peanut butter and sliced strawberries.
Cindy’s Deli 306 S Houston St Cindy’s Deli is the ideal place to grab a hearty early-day meal. There are a ton of kid-friendly dishes like French toast, German-style pancakes, strawberry waffles, and fruit cups. Parents and kids alike can indulge in some bagels with lox or the corned beef sandwich with some sweet potato fries.

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