Dining Guide: Best BBQ Restaurants in Kansas City

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What are the 10 best barbeque restaurants in Kansas City, MO? And who’s BBQ will you like most? Good question: You won’t be lacking for options in a town that’s practically synonymous with the popular dish. In a city whose style is known for its signature sweet and tangy sauce, and plenty of different cuts and types of meat, one of the most popular local dishes to be found is the burnt ends — the ends of smoked pork and beef. In any event, with more than 100 places to choose from in town, you’ve got plenty of options. The following list, featuring 10 of the best barbeque restaurants in Kansas City, MO, can help you narrow the selections down.




Arthur Bryant’s

Multiple Locations

Presidents from Truman to Obama have stopped in to sample some of the legendary BBQ here.  Started by Bryant’s brother Charlie, this spot was made famous by Arthur. It’s been a staple since the 1920s and is especially well-known for its amazing ribs.


Multiple Locations

Exposed brick and beam ceilings show off a modern and airy atmosphere. But don’t let the hip vibe here fool you – Q39 serves up seriously great eats. Try the Pitmaster Brisket sandwich, topped with original sauce, onion straws and provolone.

Jack Stack Barbecue

Multiple Locations

Jack Stack’s been proving for more than 50 years that barbecue can be high brow. These fine dining restaurants have full bars and you can even get more exotic fare here, like lamb ribs.

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

Multiple Locations

Joe’s started out of a gas station, but has grown to three different locations that offer some of the best barbeque restaurant dining options in Kansas City. Known for its ribs, brisket and burnt ends, this joint also serves up the famous Z-man, which is a giant brisket sandwich, topped with provolone and giant onion rings.

Gates BBQ

Multiple Locations

A go-to since 1946, the meat here is as good as you’d expect, but the place has become equally famous for its sauces. And workers at all of its locations greet everyone who walks in the door warmly.

LC’s Bar-B-Q

5800 Blue Parkway

While it may seem like a no-frills establishment at first glance, expect to be impressed by its award-winning BBQ, which is guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.

B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ

1205 E. 85th St.

If you’d like a side of blues with your barbecue then head to B.B.’s.  Menu items here aren’t just traditional BBQ fare either – you’ll find signature dishes like barbecue meatloaf, smoked catfish, and so much more.

Woodyard Bar-B-Que

301 Merriam


A wood slat house and a lumberyard may greet you before you’re beckoned towards the smoky, delicious smell. Smoked meats, including house-smoked bacon, are the rule here, and you won’t go hungry if you swing by.

Slaps BBQ

553 Central Ave.

This is a no-nonsense, straightforward BBQ joint. Get yummy brisket, ribs,  and hush puppies served straight from a counter. Though there’s not a ton of space insider, there’s a heated patio outside at which to recline too.

Danny Edwards BLVD BBQ

2900 Southwest Blvd.

This isn’t a trendy place – the concrete, pink pig outside might alert you to that. But what you will find here is really amazing barbecue. Plan to go for lunch, it’s all they serve here.

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