How to Get Out of a Bad Date

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Mayday! Mayday! This date is going down, and not in a good way, so the following ways to get out of a bad date can help. Need a quick reprieve from a terrible dating situation? These seven strategies — some time-tested, others riskier and more tongue-in-cheek — are guaranteed to get you a reprieve fast. Some require convincing performances, while others just require downloading a simple app. But better yet, when it’s time to bail, all of these ways to get out a bad date can help save your night (if not your dignity).



Run Interference

This strategy is old-school, but that’s because it works. Just grab a friend before the date and have him or her call your phone at a designated time during the evening. It’s one of the best ways to get out of a bad date: If the date’s going well, you can use the call as a chance to nonchalantly tell them (“Sorry, bro, I gotta go. I’m out with this really cool girl…). If you’re in trouble, fake a doozy and bail. “What? Uncle Remus fell down in the rumpus room again? I’ll be right there!” You can even try one of these “fake call” apps to help get the message across.

Sound the Alarm

This trick is an extension of the “interference” gimmick. This time, instead of having a friend actually call, set an alarm on your phone that sounds like a ringtone. Pretend to answer, and launch into the same routine as above.  Make sure to thank Uncle Remus for being such a klutz.

Start Acting Clingy

This one’s risky because, let’s be honest, she could be into it. But, if you can read her well enough to know that she’s just a terrible casual dater, feign the opposite and start planning a future together. She’ll ask for the check faster than you can say “joint bank account.” 

Say You’re Sick…

Because, technically, you are sick… of the date. If you’re not willing to choreograph this message, though, here are some totally legitimate illnesses that you can fake: Morgellons (a biting and stinging sensation, accompanied by colorful protrusions from the skin); Progeria (reverse Benjamin Button syndrome); Alice in Wonderland syndrome (extreme disorientation — have some fun with this one); and water allergy (known to affect only 30 people worldwide, making you extra special).


It’s an app that helps you end a bad date, with the hopes of immediately starting a better one. Basically, when you’ve determined your date is a lost cause, switch BOD to “date mode.” The app will locate other BOD users who are also on presumably bad dates, and you can meet up in real time to see if the second date is the charm.

Get a Video Doorbell…

Like this one. And here’s the good part: Have a friend dress up like a hoodlum and get “caught” on camera as well. Show your date that your place is being broken into, and skedaddle out of there to protect your stuff!

Just Come Clean. 

It’s not the most exciting way to torpedo a bad date situation, but it’s guaranteed to work. Just say you’re not feeling the vibe, and ask to be excused. Here’s a tip, though: Lead with a compliment. Everybody has something good about them–zero in on what your date did right. Then wrap things up and scram. 

Cheat Sheet

Everyone has had a crappy meetup or two. But if you need more excuses in your arsenal, try these hints and tips to go beyond our 7 ways to get out of a bad date:

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