How To Make Traveling With Kids Fun and Simple

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Children are great traveling companions, and a little ingenuity is all it takes to make trips more entertaining and engaging when thinking about how to make traveling with your kids fun and simple. Want to avoid any unwanted messes or commotion? Even simple hints and tips like packing outfits by each day in resealable bags or coming up with inventive car games to keep children busy on long voyages can help make your travels more enjoyable and ensure that both kids and parents alike will have a great time. For more great ideas on how to enjoy a great vacation, read on to find out how to make traveling with kids fun and simple.

Plan Ahead

Don’t leave anything until the last minute. If you’re flying, ensure that the tickets, flight and gate numbers, departure time, and even passports are all sorted out. If you’re traveling by car, consider renting a van or an SUV to make the trip more comfortable for everyone, and pack your belongings into the truck and wherever else ahead of time. Either way, make sure that you don’t leave any planning or organizational activities until the day of the event to prevent unnecessary chaos.

Pack Personal Items

No matter where you’re traveling to, it’s important that your kids feel comfortable. You can make sure they feel at home by bringing some of their favorite comfort items, like blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals. This way, they can adjust to their new surrounding without too much a departure from their old ones. Plus, if they ever get homesick, they’ll have something to make them feel better.

Bring Healthy Snacks

Snacks can never hurt. Especially when it comes to kids who have been traveling a while and start to get fussy about what foods they want to eat. Pack healthy nibbles like fruit, in contrast to chips or cookies that’ll likely leave crumbs everywhere. The more nutritious, the better. Less sugar means less chance of a sudden rush of energy, and more protein means more energy to burn during a long day of travel — managing your food intake is the easiest step on our list of how to make traveling with kids fun and simple.

Keep Boredom at Bay

Make sure to bring plenty of distractions to keep your kids’ minds off layovers. Portable DVD players, tablets, handheld video games, or even games like iSpy can prove great time wasters whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or train. And don’t forget to stock your iPad or smartphone with TV shows and movies – streaming services like Netflix let you download and store videos for the road.

Time It Out

If you’re traveling by car, it’ll probably be easier to leave at night. That way, your kids will be tired and will probably sleep through most of the ride anyway, and you won’t have to worry about stressful traffic. However, if you’re traveling by plane, it’s in your best interest to leave early in the day, even the morning, if possible. There will likely be less delays, less crowding, and then everyone can hopefully sleep.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Avoid the hassle of going to the bathroom by avoiding clothing with lots of zippers, or even shoes without laces to go through airport security faster. Dressing kids in layers will also help them keep warmer or cooler as needed. And there’s no such thing as packing too much underwear or diapers when traveling.

Store Your Gear Smartly

Pack efficiently so you aren’t stuck rummaging through your bags to find things. Make sure you have everything you would need for that day in a carry-on, like a toothbrush, pajamas, and a change of clothes, and leave the rest in your suitcase or larger bag. When it comes to packing for the whole trip, separate outfits into Ziploc bags. You’ll be able to see what’s the bag and will have everything you need for that day.

Have an Itinerary

Planning an itinerary, and sharing it with your family, benefits both parents and kids. It’ll give you a clear-cut plan and help you avoid last minute cramming and stressors. Kids will also benefit from having a schedule to follow. Make sure to stop for breaks along the way, and give kids an idea about the total trip time by using a countdown to various rest stops and the destination.

Carry a First Aid Kit

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and whether you’re traveling by car or plane, it’s always a smart idea to bring a first aid kit along. Band-aids, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, Neosporin and Tylenol are helpful things to have when traveling. You never know when you’ll need them, and these items may even come in handy for parents too.

Reward Good Behavior

Make traveling a little more interesting by offering rewards for good behavior. Make a chart with your kid’s names if you’re traveling by air and track who’s behaving best, or even use a more ingenious method like hanging color coordinated paper clips from your dashboard and raise the stakes. You might even score based on a point system, and whoever gets the most points can a special prize at the end of the journey.

Cheat Sheet

Traveling with the little ones, for five minutes or five hours, can seem stressful. Make it less so with these on how to make traveling with kids fun and simple:

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