10 Things He/She’s Thinking But Won’t Say Out Loud

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Sometimes the truth is a silent partner in relationships. Sometimes, it’s may be a good idea to bite your tongue in the moment and carry on. But if the situation is still gnawing at you, it’s important to get everything out on the table. Want to have better communication in your relationships, and a happier pairing? We’ve listed 10 things your partner is thinking, but won’t say out loud, and the right way to approach them when you want to discuss them with your significant other.



I Think Your Family Can Be Intrusive

Sure, family events are cool to attend, and inviting family members over for a visit is sweet. But hanging with them 24/7 can become a bit like work. Make sure to talk with your significant other about family plans before scheduling anything, and make sure to add any events to your calendars so they don’t creep up one random weekend and cause any arguments. Hang with your family, but plan visits in doses.

Who Should Say “I Love You” First?

There’s no right or wrong time to say I love you, mostly because if you feel it at the time you say it then it’s truly authentic. Some make it a huge deal and put a lot of pressure on one another when they should be asking themselves instead: What’s the right time? Is it too soon? Do I really love them? Pro tip: So many questions can simply be answered by asking yourself: “Does this person make you a better version of yourself?” Make sure you are saying “I Love You” for the right reasons, and not because you were pressured into fessing up to how you feel.

Do I Satisfy You in Bed?

Intimacy is a huge part of relationships, but asking your partner if you do it for them can get awkward. Make sure to touch base every now and then on what they like and what they are comfortable with. Men and women tend to crave different things, but knowing what your partner wants and when they want it is important. Keeping your sexual relationship as fresh as it was when you both started dating will keep things spontaneous. Your partner will definitely thank you.

I Don’t Want to Hear About Your BFF Of The Opposite Sex

As much as your boyfriend or girlfriend says they don’t mind that you having a best friend of the opposite sex can be true, it can create some jealousy. This is one of the most important items to keep in mind in terms of things your partner is thinking but won’t say out loud. Your significant other doesn’t want to constantly hear how “someone else” is so amazing all the time. It’s cool to have friends of the opposite sex, but know that it could strike a chord with your lover. Keep in mind how you would feel and take your partner’s feelings into consideration when bringing up the subject.

I Don’t Agree with How You Manage Your Finances

The money talk is not always the most comfortable conversation, but it needs to happen. If you’re planning to move in or planning a trip, it’s essential to know about any financial baggage someone may have. If your partner spends money carelessly, it could become a touchy subject to discuss. No one wants you telling them what to do with their money, so make sure to tread lightly and be considerate.

I Really Don’t Like It When You Flirt

At times, big flirts may not even realize what they are doing. When you flirt with someone in front of your significant other it can make them feel uncomfortable or insecure. Try and be friendly with others without coming off touchy or overly nice. And if you feel like you may be putting yourself in a bad situation, make sure to excuse yourself from the conversation and change gears.

I Just Want Some Alone Time

It’s not easy telling someone you need some time alone. They may take it personally, so break it to them gently. Explain why it will be good for them, too. Having alone time allows the heart to grow fonder and gives you time to focus on yourself, not just your relationship. Break it to your significant other by explaining that they should take some time for themselves too. Asking for a day or a weekend to yourself is important in keeping a healthy relationship going. 

I Really Like It When You Compliment Me

We all like compliments, but not everyone is up to admitting it. Try to compliment your significant other on a daily basis. Whether they look nice in a new outfit or did something different with their hair, let them know you noticed. And if you get a compliment, acknowledge it. Say “thank you so much,” and respond with something nice about them.

I Need Your Help

It isn’t easy owning up to the fact that you may need help with something. Toss your pride to the side for the time being and ask for a hand. Most likely your partner will want to help you and will appreciate that you asked. A little help can go a long way, and with your partner by your side, they’ll help guide and alleviate the situation. Make sure to let them know you appreciate all that they do for you.

I’m Just Not into Everything You Like

Each couple has similar interests, but don’t share every interest. When the time comes for your significant other to book that couples Paint and Sip class that you dread, let them know it’s not something you want to take part in often, but you are willing to participate in every so often. Suggesting another activity or hobby that you can both do together can be beneficial and, hey, you may even discover an entirely new pastime that you both can enjoy with each other.

Cheat Sheet

Are you not getting the hints that your partner’s giving you? Home in on more things your partner is thinking but won’t say out loud here.

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