Top 10 Spring Break Hot Spots

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So, you’re really doing it — hitting one of the top 10 best places to visit for Spring Break, which also happen to include several of the world’s top hot spots. Kudos: Packing up the board shorts and heading for sunnier scenes is a great idea. But, where to go? True, there are loads of top Spring Break destinations to choose from, but the following list can help. Read on to check out 10 of the top best Spring Break vacation hot spots, no matter your budget or the size of your bro army. 


Why It Rocks

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

A beach town on the Los Cabos coastline, this picturesque destination has long been a popular spot for sun-starved party-seekers. Los Cabos maintains a “SoCal” vibe, but features deluxe accommodations, golf courses, high-end stores and beaches, beaches, beaches.

Stay At: Me Cabo, for the private beach

Las Vegas, NV

Vegas, Baby! Ahem. Now that we’ve gotten that out of our system, you’ll definitely want to visit. During Spring Break, the legendary Vegas pool party scene amps up its game for the wild Spring Break crowd, making the rest of the year seem like a season pass to Six Flags.

Stay At: Hard Rock, for the wild Sunday “Rehab” bash. (Seriously, it helps.)

Austin, TX

Warm temps and the famed South by Southwest festival (mid-March) are reason enough to head south near the border. During spring break, rowdy visitors can scan Six Street downtown for delicious, authentic Tex-Mex, live music, and bars overflowing with people terrified of going to the actual Caribbean (Zika virus, yo!).

Stay At: Hotel Saint Cecilia, for it’s small, but sleek and quiet pool.

Cancun, Mexico

White sandy beaches and turquoise waters make Cancun one of the most popular destinations in the world, even outside of spring break. Dozens of “megaresorts” (we made that word up) line the beaches and provide sanctuary for everyone from the rabidly rowdy to the more low key spring break staples. Plus, it’s Cancun. In Spanish, that means “Spring Break.” (Source pending…)

Stay At: Fiesta Americana Condesa, for its all-inclusive resort with something for everyone from party animals to the kids they mistakenly brought with them.

Hollywood, CA

There’s no business like show business, and there’s no time to take in the showbiz city like spring break. But, the surrounding areas have a lot more to offer including trendy clubs, bars, sightseeing opportunities, beaches, mountains, hiking, and more. It’s really a city with something for everyone. John Stamos lives there.

Stay At: Mondrian Los Angeles, for the primed poolside scene and chic surrounding area.

Miami, FL

If you’re one of those “party until 4AM” maniacs, why not do it on a beautiful beach, packed with celebrity-styled clubs and bars? It’s not cheap, but it’s a perfect city-meets-beach-meets-town getaway.

Stay At: 1 Hotel South Beach, for its sterling reputation in Miami.

New Orleans, LA

This city has culture galore. And, there’s always a party going on. From Mardi Gras (February) to Jazz Fest (April), you’ll be partying hard in 70-degree weather (with a little humidity) with seasoned party vets and rambunctious rookies alike. Sign up for a ghost tour, a river cruise, or just do some sightseeing while appreciating the incomparable “open container” law. Glorious.

Stay At: Hotels and B&Bs in the French Quarter, really, which will appeal to singles, groups, and families alike.   

Panama City Beach, FL

It’s “The Spring Break Capital of the World” with good reason — maybe the most well-known on our list of the 10 top best spring break hot spots. The normally low-key town imports nearly half-a-million co-eds every spring by luring them with outdoor shows, contests, extended happy hours, and drink concoctions you couldn’t dream of… all at a relatively affordable price (depending on how hard your credit card likes to party).

Stay At: Beachbreak by the Sea. You get more bang for your buck there.

South Padre Island, TX

It’s like a hive for honeybees from all sorts of Southern colleges – to the tune of about 20,000 invaders each year. The island accommodates, with a massive spring break party that features DJs, drinks and debauchery.

Stay At: Peninsula Island Resort and Spa, which is connected to the beach.

Tampa, FL

Tampa has all the trimmings of a sunny, Florida spring break without the South Beach price tag. It’s also got a good “non-party” scene, so to speak, with kayaking, fishing, sailing, parasailing and sunset cruises. Whether you’re a lone spring breaker or a family on vacay, Tampa has something for you.

Stay At: Epicurean Hotel, it’s the luxury and cuisine you’d expect out of a top-rated Southern hotel.

Cheat Sheet

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