10 Ways to Take Better Travel Photos

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How can you take better travel photos? Good question: It’s always a struggle to snap the perfect vacation shot. After all, you want an image that screams “look at this beautiful, relaxing trip I’m on” while subtly saying “It definitely did not take a hour of my time to take this one, measly photo.” Happily, for the average person who isn’t a photographer, capturing the perfect travel photo doesn’t have to be a challenge. Bellow, you’ll find 10 hints and tips on how to take better travel photos, and capture vacation images that’ll endure for a lifetime.

Pick the Perfect Spot – This may seem like a no-brainer, but you don’t want to waste film or memory on a not-so picturesque spot. Before spending time on taking a good photo, make sure it’s a photo you’ll want to keep.

Make Sure You Have Space – Nothing is worse than making your way to a scenic area and running out of room on your camera roll. In the time it takes to delete photos, you could miss out on a spectacular moment. Make sure you’re prepared for pictures when you’re traveling.

Think it Through – If you’re going through a lot of trouble determining how to take the perfect photo, consider what you want it to look like. Take a walk around the area a bit and map out some good shots.  You’ll be thankful later.

Pay Attention to Detail – Often, there is beauty in small details. Watch out for intricate architecture or tiny bits of nature that your eyes would normally glaze over. Snap a shot.

Edit as Needed –Pretty much everyone tweaks their photos nowadays, so don’t feel bad about setting aside some time to do the same for yours. Be sure to check your phone or tablet’s app stores for different editing apps, or use the tools that come with your phone, to add filters, special effects, captions, and more.

Take More People Shots – Whether it’s your family and friends or a random local, get some people in your photos. Besides a pretty background, a beautiful portrait makes for a nice vacation photo, especially if you ask subject to perform activities, pose, or making unique or goofy faces.

Be Cognizant of Architecture – It’s easy to get caught up in the natural landscape, and sure, buildings may seem boring to those of us who dwell and cities. But a lot of what makes different towns and countries so famous is their architecture. Sneak in some shots of these sights, and look for structures that may strike a fascinating tone to anchor different wide-angle shots or panoramas.

Get Up Close and Personal – The best zoom feature you can take advantage of is your legs: Don’t be afraid to move in closer to subjects, whether they’re a person, building or simply a bit of nature. You may capture more details without degrading photo quality, an issue that may present itself if you try to instead use the technology built into your phone’s zoom lens.

Get a Different POV – Many of us like to capture photos in burst mode, but there are tons of ways to snap striking images. Use timers, capture reflections, or try taking shots from a different or unique angle (say, kneeling down to capture a child’s portrait at eye level) to snap better images.

Dare to Be Different – There are endless pictures on Instagram of typical travel destinations — why take the same picture as everyone else? Visit an area off the beaten path or use a new filter for your shot to put a fresh perspective on the same old sights.


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