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Shh, don’t tell: When it comes to retail stores, thrift shops, men’s/women’s fashion boutiques, and secondhand clothing vendors in St. Louis, there’s no shortage of top shopping options that can help you expand your horizons far beyond what you’ll find at big box stores or shopping mall outlets. Whether you’re hunting for home goods and accessories, artwork or gifts (or even just enjoy idly window shopping), rest assured: Plenty of neighborhood gems are yours to explore and browse the racks of. Below, you’ll find a list of 10 top shops that – while they vary in what they sell, with some having specific missions, while others are passion projects or odes to bygone eras (we see you, Vintage Haberdashery) – all offer carefully-curated and high-quality merchandise, including dozens of reasons to swing the next time you’re looking to pick up a little something for yourself.


           Urban Matter                      Union Studio                      Christopher’s Gifts                 Lemon Gem

 Name Location Description
Urban Matter 4704 Virginia Ave Looking for unique and interesting presents to give friends and family that scream “St. Louis” more than “Spencer’s gifts?” Urban Matter is one of the best places in town to find interesting alternatives with a signature Midwestern twist. Merchandise is always interesting, eclectic, and a fit for the modern home, running the gamut between jewelry, clothes, candles, handbags, art, woodwork, purses and more. Of the carefully-selected collection, a majority is made in Missouri, and of the eye-catching and one-of-a-kind variety – rest assured it’s worth stopping in to window shop as much to window shop as splurge on random picks.
10denza 44 Maryland Plaza A hip fashion boutique drawing on pop culture, metropolitan lifestyles, and musical touchpoints for its wardrobe inspiration, 10denza features progressive modern selections in terms of both men’s and women’s clothing and fashion accessories. From scarves to sundresses, shoes to blazers, you’ll find it all here in a colorful array of styles, alongside coffee books, sunglasses, and necklaces designed to dazzle in a vivid rainbow of hues. Some might argue that it’s one of the shopping highlights of the chic Central West End neighborhood – we’d suggest it’s one of the shining jewels of St. Louis as a whole.
Union Studio 1605 Tower Grove Ave Riddle us this: Where can you find some of the best fine art and household goods from homegrown St. Louis artisans? Stop by Union Studio to find out and remember – from clothes and accessories to crafts and collectibles, it’s all handmade by artists who hail from the region. Want to give out-of-towners a taste of signature STL culture, or enjoy a taste of home if you’ve moved away? The shop even offers Dispatch – a subscription service that’ll send a boxful of surprises (read: items stocked in the shop and made by different artists) via mail on a recurring basis.
Femme 7270 Manchester Rd. Women’s clothing boutiques aren’t hard to come by in a town as culturally-diverse and artistically-inclined as St. Louis. But with its fun mix of clothing, jewelry, and gifts, plus great customer service and relatively approachable prices, Femme presents a welcome starting point for shoppers of all inclinations. Situated in scenic Maplewood, follow it up with a trip to The Muddled Pig gastropub or Acero to round out an afternoon of browsing the racks and trying on stylish apparel.
ReFresh 1710 S Brentwood Blvd What goes around truly comes around at ReFresh: Although this fun fashion boutique’s clothes are resale items, you’ll find that they’re quite stylish, in good condition, and tend to come at very reasonable prices. But equally important to note as the clothes on offer is the store’s mission: Staffed by volunteers, sometimes even including volunteer DJs, ReFresh makes a point to donate its sales to the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition. It’s a great place to find attractive and inexpensive clothing, and give back to the local community just by accessorizing.
Cha 9666 Clayton Rd Specializing in high-class women’s apparel with sophisticated, yet spunky touch, Cha tends to attract a young and hip crowd – a fact that’s easy to understand when you consider that new items and styles are swapped in every week. Offering a broad variety of items from sundresses to tanks and shoes to pick from, it’s a good place to hit if you’re looking to keep your wardrobe looking classy and contemporary at the same time.
Cherokee Antique Row 900-2300 Cherokee St Sorry, we don’t play favorites. But whether you’re idly browsing or on the hunt for a specific home centerpiece, there are so many charming shops dotting Cherokee Antique Row, rest assured you can’t go wrong making a pitstop in each. Although these neighborhood gems are best known for their selection of antiques, also keep in mind: The area boasts a healthy collection of art supply shops, clothing boutiques, body and bath stores, art galleries and other options for the adventures day tripper.
Christopher’s Gifts 127 E Argonne Dr. Christopher’s carries clothing, beauty products, jewelry and more, but this Kirkwood staple’s strength lies in its knack for inviting and comfy home decor. Whether you’re looking for candles, pillows, living room accents, or other colorful and seasonal touches, Christopher’s has something to brighten your day. Stop by to pick up handmade frames, fragranced scents, or find quirky little odds and ends to give friends and family as a present.
Paisley Boutique 233 W. Lockwood Ave Since its opening in 2012, Paisley Boutique has brought fun and fashionable women’s clothes and accessories to Webster Groves. However, it’s notable not only for the many trendy and eye-catching wardrobe accents on offer to pick from, but also focused and friendly sales assistance that can help you find items with a minimum of time and fuss. Consider it a promising place to try on new looks and ask questions as well as browse top seasonal picks.
Lemon Gem 4180 Manchester Ave Swing by The Grove for a cup of coffee at Rise (among the better places in town to grab a latte), or to pick up the latest vinyl releases at Music Record Shop (a must-visit for collectors), and you’ll discover that it’s also worth making a pitstop at this spunky young kitchen goods store. Decked out in a dazzling array of colors, it offers a fun counterpoint to the typical pot, pan, spoon, and spatula-shopping experience, stocking a plethora of fun items in a space that feels like it could double as the set of your favorite Food Network cooking show.


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